American Gigolo: Liveblog

Liveblogging American Gigolo

  • Sunday night in and watching AG thanks to some very forceful suggestions from Chris Mitchell
  • I’m kind of surprised I’ve never seen this before.  Seems like some kinda research I would have done.  Beautiful title sequence.  This cast/crew are pretty epic for 1980.
  • I don’t miss driving but that’s a sweet little Mercedes Richard Gere is floating around town in.
  • You can’t go wrong with Blondie.  And the double entendre to ‘Call Me’ is pretty great.
  • Is Nina van Pallandt his pimp?  Interesting…
  • 50/50 split?! You gotta be joking, Nina! Not in this life.
  • Ooo. Language! Such language from such “classy” people.  Yikes.  And boobies already.
  • 80s pants did nothing for anybody, but Richard Gere’s butt seems to be doing just fine. Wow.
  • Yeah.  This is pretty apt.  His place is the 80s California version of how I live.  Doing crazy upside down situps and practicing Swedish in his short shorts.  I lament the loss of the era of nobody having to have any muscle tone.
  • He really seems sort of bossy and confrontational.  If he was my escort we’d be having a chat about that.
  • I can’t imagine having to hustle the way RG does here.  I don’t want to spend my time in hotel restaurants trying to figure out who was single and ready to mingle. I’m sure guys do that now, but yikes.
  • LOL at Richard Gere’s French! Adorable!
  • Lauren Hutton! “How much for just one fuck?”  “Now you’ve made a mistake… I don’t do that.”
  • That scene was lovely.  The “how many languages do you speak?” line was beautiful.  So masterfully directed.  I’m so impressed.
  • Now the music has turned to ominous synth sounds.  Something’s about to go down…
  • Ughhh… the casual use of that f-word is grossssss. The 80s were a confusing time. “There must be some mistake.  I don’t do fags.” Yuck.  You’re on the job.  You shut your bossy, handsome face up.
  • That WAS a rough trick.  That whole scene sucked.  I’m fine with the cuckold aspect, but that woman clearly wanted no part of that whole mess, no matter how many times RG said he knew “how to do this.” Blaugh.
  • Omg.  This closet scene.  I need to get some more suits.  I have to go suit shopping now.  Someone take me suit shopping! Although I have some notes for him about his tie selection…
  • Lauren Hutton just showed up at his house. Wow.  No thanks. I like his policy on having company in.  “This is MY apartment.  Women don’t come here.”  I agree.  Keep some space for yourself.  It helps keep me sane.
  • Laurent Hutton is DTF.  Bish is SERIOUS.  Wow.  She “brought money.”  Yikes.
  • Don’t do it, RG! She’s crazy! She’s clearly CRAZY! You fool! And you let her stay the night.
  • I’m glad they aren’t playing him as all sad and lonely underneath.  He seems like he’s genuinely into this work and trying to be good at it.  He’s too mouthy and pushy for me, but at least he’s not secretly self loathing and depressed. And here comes Lauren Hutton again…. good lord.  She knows where you live FOOL.
  • And now an extended ‘doin it’ scene set to 80s synths and showing no actual doin it.  Cool boobs on LH though.  She actually looks really pretty here. Also, nobody has sex like this.  This is nonsense.
  • OMG! he is NAKED and they’re not cutting away you can sort of see RG’s penis… nope. no. They cut away. NO THEY CUT BACK AND YOU CAN TOTALLY SEE RICHARD GERE’S PENIS.
  • Whatever happens from here forward, this movie was worth my time.
  • I love him explaining to the detective the “personal” nature of his work… lol…
  • “Well, well.  You know what HE is, don’t you?”  Yeah.  He’s the guy who’s fucking your wife, dummy.
  • I really can’t say enough good things about Richard Gere’s butt’s performance in this movie.  It’s unstoppable.
  • Lauren Hutton. You are too old for that barrett. No one is fooled.
  • “Doesn’t it ever both you, Julian? What you do?”
  • So many beautiful coats.  And oh wow. They totally destroyed his home.  The police did this? They wrecked his whole apartment and then didn’t clean anything up? Is that how that works? We have a search warrant to totally crap up your whole place?
  • Nina van Palladent is right here though.  She should kick RG out of her stable.  He’s totally self serving and unscrupulous. She’s trying to run a business and he’s running around and doing whatever he wants. No wonder he’s in trouble.
  • 80s furniture is tragic.
  • And here comes the speech about retiring… If you’re someone who hires and you’re reading this, don’t expect this speech to go this way.  Just don’t ever give it.
  • This movie seems to have drifted away from the fun parts of Julian’s life… Let’s have another shopping montage, eh?
  • Oop.  Ominous synths are back. Something’s gonna happen…
  • Wow.  She just sold him out.  His client just sent him up the river.
  • I’m fascinated by everyone knowing all the waiters’ names.  Is that a money thing? or an era thing? I don’t think people pay any attention to that now.
  • 5 grand seems real low for this ‘not seeing the senator’s wife’ arrangement. He could have aimed higher…
  • I wonder if I’m constantly wandering around pouting as much as Richard Gere does in this movie.  I bet I probably do lol.
  • OMG GAY DISCO TIME ALRIIIIIGHT LOL. This is where all the muscle tone was in the 80s I guess. Wow.  Also, clubs used to be a lot quieter I guess. I haven’t been somewhere that you could have a full conversation on a dancefloor.
  • “I wanna fuck you! I always wanna fuck you!” Lauren Hutton always knows the right thing to say…
  • Mini blind sales must have spiked so hard after this came out. Everybody wanted long stripey shadows in their houses.
  • Well don’t smash up your unnecessarily giant stereo system, Richard Gere! What are you doing!?
  • It’s interesting that they wrote Julian to be sort of clever, but not especially smart. Watching him tear his home and his car apart, there’s no sense or logic to it.  You can tell he has no idea what he’s looking for or where it is. It’s just spastic groping.  He has no plan.  No real forethought. When he finds the jewels he doesn’t know where to take them or what to do. He’s not smart, he’s just quick.
  • The score using Call Me in eleventy billion different ways and styles is fucking brilliant.  Adds such a smart tone to the music.
  • Growing very concerned about the end of this. Is RG going to jail? Is that how they’re gonna play it?
  • OH shit.
  • Well now he’s definitely going to jail.  Oh man.
  • This is why core strength is so important.  Pulling yourself up if you ever get pushed off a balcony. Huh.
  • Woof.  Lauren Hutton just threw her own self under the bus for Julian.  I can’t believe it!
  • That is… a strange place to end this story.  I have questions.

But such a great film.  Huh.  It seems like it wasn’t really ABOUT him being an escort though.  I bet you could have called this movie “Framed Seduction” or “Murder and Lust” or something and have had it work exactly the same way.  I could have used some more focus on his life if you’re going to call it American Gigolo. Like.  Tell me more about that part! Don’t spend 75% of the movie quacking on about a murder he didn’t commit!

All in all, though, quite good.  Very 80s.  Glad Mr. Mitchell pushed me to see it.


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