Playlist – Sleepy Autumn

Strange times call for strange music.

And this time of year, preferably quiet music.

It’s been a strange three months and like I lamented here, we’re still not out of the woods. So maybe hibernation is the way to go. Just duck into winter and stockpile some snacks for late night/late afternoon (they both feel the same this time of year) meals in bed.

I’m staying alive for this Fleetwood Mac remix though. That’s everything.

Playlist – Sleepy Autumn



Yosi Horikawa — Letter
City Slang — to rococo rot – Besides
MentinAnarhia — DJ Food – The Crow…
London Grammar — London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo Remix)
Late Night Tales — Bonobo – Sofia (RSD14 10″ Secret Track)
Röyksopp — You Don’t Have A Clue
Alexandre Grabowski — Enya – Echoes In Rain (Acoustic Cover)
GIGAMESH — Fleetwood Mac – Dreams (Gigamesh Edit) [DL link in description]
Omari T. — Advent Chant – Omari T.
itzbrianxD — We Belong Together (Siik Remix)
SLO — In My Arms
Batuhan Özgüney — [일소라] 일반인 고등학생 – Hello (Adele) Cover
Mouse On Mars — Mouse On Mars – 1001 /// Sonig 1997

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