Sunday Update 12/6

Me and my tired penis are going home to bed.


I don’t have anything particularly groundbreaking to talk about here tonight. I’m currently on my way back to New York after a restful weekend away in Sacramento and am greatly looking forward to my own bed and shower.

I’ve spent the last week or so reworking parts of this blog and slowly figuring out the structure and content of a revitalized As it is right now, I’m still not really allowed to have that site up and running like I want, but if you pop over there, you can submit your email address and the moment I’m given the green light to put that back in action, I’ll email you  (if you already get my newsletters, you don’t have to worry about signing up).

At any rate, this site should be performing better now, and I can keep better track of errors and problems with google webmaster toys and wordpress add-ons. You should be seeing related post suggestions at the end of each post, so if you read all the stuff I say about penises and still can’t get yourself enough penises, there will be more penis-adjacent stuff for you to check out. I’m also really working towards cataloging and tagging posts more effectively so that ultimately, you’ll be able to skate through the (shockingly great many) year’s worth of stuff I have in here with some better ease.

Not that I’m nuts about that. The more I go back and look at things I said years ago, or even the way I presented myself then, the more I cringe about what people must’ve thought about me. So browse the archives with a grain of salt, I guess is my point.

This week, in addition to whatever junk food I’ll be posting over at ManhuntDaily, I should have a December Favorite Things list, a comparative penis size ranking (see where you rate compared to worldwide averages!) and at least probably some kind of rambling diatribe about escorts with poor manners.

I’m in the market for a low cost suit right now too, so if anyone has suggestions, I’m open. I don’t expect I can get in and out of Suitsupply for less than 700 dollars, so H&M will likely be my first stop.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable and peaceful as mine was. But if not, I recommend a stay at the Parkside Something something Inn and Spa in Sacramento to cure what ails you. I have nothing bad to say about how they run their business.

Here’s this:

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