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Mind Your Business (Christiano Ronaldo is Gay?)

It’s really none of your business what Bulgey McSoccerpants wants to do with his dick.


One of the weirdest things about the modest bit of internet notoriety that I have (and these new Jetpack stats have showed me just how modest), has been the weird and constant questioning of whether or not I’m actually gay. Now, I know what you’re thinking “but Tyler! All you ever talk about is dicks and people who have dicks!” And I know! You would think that would be sufficient. But because I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I have had (and will probably continue to have) sex with women, people get very upset.

I remember early on in the Rentboy days, where one troll in particular spent a lot of time and energy trying to warn anyone who would listen that I was “a bisexual” and was ruining’s overall gayness. He was really upset about it.  I’ve never been that upset about it, to be honest, and I’m not “a bisexual,” just in case anyone was keeping score. But it’s not really anybody’s business really who I beat it to, or who I play with (or what parts they have), unless I want to tell you about it. Is it?

That’s why I can’t imagine the scale of that kind of stupid that professional soccer guy Christiano Ronaldo has put up with for years now. People seem convinced that it’s the public’s business who he’s “cuddling” with.  But until he wants to tell everybody about that, I can’t say this strongly enough: it’s not. It’s not your business.

I guess if you wake up every morning troubled by what it “means” that he’s very well groomed, or that he *gasp!* hugs male friends, or – even worse – he isn’t worried about you seeing his bulge, then by all means, keep posting silly articles where you show all your “evidence” 0f his homosexuality. But really? Your opinions on his sexuality don’t matter. They sure don’t matter to him (I would bet the wall of money between gossip bloggers and Mr. Ronaldo probably provides some good insulation), and they really just serve to make you look small minded and prejudiced against those who just don’t think their preferences are any of your business.

I can’t wait till we get to a point where homosexuality isn’t the click and slander bait that it still apparently is. Battlestar Galactica had the view that I long to see in modern society: homosexuality is fine and unremarkable.

And other people’s sexual habits and choices are not subject to your approval.


Christiano Ronaldo, Christiano Ronaldo Gay, Bulge, Surprised, Shocked, Gay, Confused, GIF, Sexy, Hard, Erection

(this will always be funny, though)


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