The Bible Says You Should Totally Get Naked and Whack It

And I’ve got the scripture to prove it.


Ordinarily, I work hard to stay away from religion, or politics, or even anything I think sounds especially divisive at all. I’m still torn about this post about MAL where I said some not nice things about the guys I saw there.

But this was a weird internet find that I couldn’t just keep to myself. It was far too well aligned with all the stuff I believe about nudity and sexuality and the overall awesomeness of the penis.  Titled simply “Christians Enjoying Nudity and Erotica” and run by a mysterious (although I suspect male) unnamed author, this site espouses ideas like “it’s ok to be naked and enjoy it,” or  “sex is good!” and “your penis is good!” and most shockingly from an American Christian viewpoint, “masturbation is good!” Needless to say, I was instantly won over. But since I expect everyone might not be, the author actually keeps two versions of this content (with separate URLs) – one that’s all words and basically PG, and one with illustrations, photos, and examples of what the site goes to pains to explain as erotica (not porn).

I’m not someone on the hunt for religious validation of the way I live my life, nor do I consider my heathen/pagan/occasionally jewish/Christmas-celebrating upbringing to be any sort of bedrock for Christian belief in my adult life. But I can’t not love the idea that someone would take so much of their energy and time to find all of the ways that the bible recognizes and celebrates male sexuality, and male genitalia, instead of renouncing their belief or condemning the physical needs and desires that we all face every day. That’s fucking astonishing! After all the centuries of effort pointing to and reinforcing the sinfulness of just simply existing in bodily form,  hearing someone explain that “actually… maybe not…” is liberating as all get out.

Here are some of my favorite passages (although there is so very much here I have yet to pan through everything):


Bible, Masturbation, God, Jesus, Scripture, Erection, Penis, Naked, Cum

Bible, Masturbation, God, Jesus, Scripture, Erection, Penis, Naked, Cum

Bible, Masturbation, God, Jesus, Scripture, Erection, Penis, Naked, Cum

Bible, Masturbation, God, Jesus, Scripture, Erection, Penis, Naked, Cum



If you have any ineterest in or appreciation for Chrirstian theology or if you want more info about why you may have been mislead about how dirty your body is, I highly recommend spending some time here. The message is thoughtful and researched and if you’re reading my blog, probably something you agree with already anyway.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below 😉


– t

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