The BEST Adult Coloring Book Around

Puts the Adult in ‘Adult Coloring Book.’


I’m not one to jump on every cultural bandwagon that rolls by me, so I’ve been pretty hesitant to get jazzed about this adult coloring book nonsense that’s going around.  I’m much more fond of reading a good book than I am of being forced to stare at someone else’s art and then color inside their lines. That sounds far more stress-inducing than stress releasing.

Until I found Lisa Bizzle‘s Dicktivity:


Dicktivity aims to bring dick fans together from across the world. It is more than a coloring book made in a basement by an unmarried childless 30-something year old woman who abandoned her career- Dicktivity is a movement.

The very first Dicktivity book offers you beautiful drawings to color, educational puzzles, and opportunities to create priceless dick art.


Now THIS feels like a coloring book for adults that we can all get behind (or in front of), and for the right reasons. Penises.



In all seriousness, this is a real thing that you can buy and I really really want it. It’s even on my Amazon wishlist, if you’re reading and already picking one up for yourself. Lisa clearly put a ton of work into this and it would be wrong to just zoom way the hell in on these page samples, and print them at home.


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