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20 Reasons You Can’t Believe What You Read in an Internet Profile


Times change, but gay ‘dating’ profiles pretty much don’t.


I want to start by disclaiming the fact that I have no earthly idea where this page came from, and an hour+ of googling didn’t help me with anything. So you’re going to have to enjoy it, sans-context. I’m all ears if you know its origins, though.

I do know that that’s a Roscoe illustration up at the top there, because that guy’s work is unmistakable and makes my penis almost immediately stand up and ask what’s going on whenever I see it.  Roscoe as a person, though, is tough to track down. There isn’t a ton of info about him except that he used to be a commercial illustrator, and then started making legit money from his gay/erotic art. That was thanks mostly to Handjobs Magazine (which, frankly I don’t think I’ve mentioned here, but talked about a LOT on Manhunt Daily). But since the mid 2000’s he seems to have vanished completely, with a dried up twitter, and all urls associated with his work up for sale.

At any rate, this is hilarious and I have personally used more of these than I’m proud to admit. See how many you can find that line up with grindr/scruff profiles you know:


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20 Reasons You Can’t Believe What You Read in an Internet Profile:

His Profile Says: I’m a total top.

Translation: For $200 more you can fuck my brains out.


I’m not into kink.

I’m into some sick shit that would make you run screaming from the room if I told you what it was.


I’m not looking for a relationship.

My boyfriend doesn’t know I’m fucking around on him.


I work out five times a week.

I go to the gym twice a week; the other three times I’m working out my low self-esteem with issues with my shrink.


I’m 25 and very boyish.

I’m pushing 40.


I’m relationship-oriented.

My boyfriend is cheating on me.


I’m horse hung.

It’s just slightly bigger than the average dick, but if I light the bedroom just the right way, you will think it’s huge.


I’m str8 and curious.

I’ve been fucked.  A lot.


I’m a total bottom.

I’m a total bottom.


I like to get freaky!

Do you have a boyfriend I can fuck?


I love watching old movies.

I am a new Falcon Exclusive.


I’m very versatile.

Oh god I wanna get fucked so bad!


I give a great massage.

And if you want ‘release’ that will be $75 extra.


My dick is always rock hard.

The Viagra is stashed under the bathroom sink.


I’m not an escort.

I prefer the term companion.*


Hot guy with a six-pack.

If you drink an entire six-pack, you might think I’m hot.


I have a thing for uniforms.

I’ve been incarcerated.


I’m hung very thick.

My dick is small.


No models, actors, or waiters.

I want a sugar daddy!


Not into cyberchat.

I’m stupid and can’t make conversation.




*I will admit getting called out for that ‘companion’ thing.



  • elric666
    Posted at 20:16h, 01 August

    I found this on Tumblr, too (we’re mutuals, BTW). I instantly recognized it, but my memory isn’t so great at placing where. I’m positive it was a magazine that I picked up in the middle 90s (and might actually still have), but I’m not sure which one. I THINK it might be Mandate, or Honcho. There’s a slim chance that it’s out of Inches or Playguy (there were a LOT of mags back then). But I really have no idea. Must find that box and look

    (And yeah. I love vintage porn like that)

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:53h, 02 August

      Haha. I might have gotten it from you! I tried really hard to give it some context, but came up short each time. If you do figure out its origin, you should def tell me about it.

      • elric666
        Posted at 16:05h, 05 August

        Oh, absolutely! Also, I’m sigistrix-elric on Tumblr. Say Hi, some time! 😛

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