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A Sunday Morning Ode to Ballback



Ballback is exactly what it sounds like.


I’ve never been one to really enjoy butthole pics. I remember when that first started to be something that I encountered, usually on grindr and usually totally unsolicited. Guys would send me photos of their buttholes, out of focus and overexposed by their phone’s flash, usually even before sending a face pic, and then expect a reaction that I often didn’t have. It was a strange process. It’s still a strange process. Don’t send me photos of your butthole. There’s nothing inherently sexy to me about your generic-looking butthole.

But there’s something about the region just below the butthole that is infinitely more interesting to me personally. This may end up being one of those “oh, just me then?” fetishes that I tend to develop, like open robes on mature dudes, but I’m ok with it.

Ballback: the area beginning just under the bhole and ending at the longest point in the scrotum:


Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum


For some reason this is an area that gets a lot of attention in Furry art, so a lot of my examples are drawings of dogs and tigers and whatever. I can live with that. But there’s some good human examples in there, too.

It’s tough to explain what the appeal of the ballback region is. When I see a penis or a hole, usually my response is to imagine either probably sucking that dick or rimming/fucking that hole. That’s it. Those are my default fantasy sequences that just get played over and over as I scroll through tumblr. It’s probably why action photos are so few and far between on my own tumblr; I like being the imaginary ‘other’ in the narrative of the photos.


Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Balls Ballback, Furry, Testicles, Nuts, Scrotum, Muscle, Huge Ballsballback9


But balls are a different thing. For me, balls are about admiration and worship. Holding them and being trusted with them is a whole big deal. And ballback doesn’t trigger that same penis=suck hole=fuck reaction. Mostly what I want is to somehow reach up and gently cup that area and lick the smooth skin there. Feel the warmth of that whole spot and the heft of the balls, handled from behind. I’m really turned on by prominent perineal ridges, too. I love licking and chewing the path of the urethra behind the balls when I guy is hard. It’s like finding a bonus couple of inches of penis that never get enough love.

It’s a supremely vulnerable position that exposes ballback properly and that may be part of the appeal for me. Seeing someone offering themselves up like an animal in heat, presenting. Not that my interest lies in real animals, but that notion of someone being so re’to go – rwar. Just wanna nuzzle my face up against the taint (hate that word. Seriously. What an awful word) and the backside of the testicles and just love on those balls from the side that usually gets ignored. It’s magic.

Ballback is your word of the day. Go find some tumblr pics and show off your new testicle vocabulary.


Happy Sunday.





Edited to add:  I found this spectacular gif on one of my very favorite tumblrs and couldn’t avoid sharing this awesome Mario Ballback with you guys:


Super Mario Bros, Gay, Naked, Sex, Ballback, GIF, Sexy, Furry



  • elric666
    Posted at 12:30h, 21 August

    No. You’re definitely not the only one. I’m so completely not a fan of pix of guys who have their cheeks spread so wide you can see if they still have their tonsils or not. Just. Yuck. No. I don’t want to be anybody’s proctologist. But, a nice set of buns with a good view of the perianum and scrotum. I just want to reach out and stroke and fondle. But then, you and I seem to share quite a few fetishes and tasttes. Jocks, thongs, WS (including to myself), and very probably several more (those are just he ones from your most recent alphabet postings…whyfore deleting after posting, they’re awesome!…that I still have in my inbox).

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:01h, 24 August

      Haha. They’re not deleted. They’re here. That’s actually supremely old content that I’ve been bringing back in from an older iteration of this blog. They’re all just back dated so you won’t see them on the home page. But I’m glad you like!

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