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Godzilla’s Giant Lizard Penis: 5 For The Weekend


The existence of Godzilla’s Penis comes into question, a trucker jacks off in the cab of his big rig (and it’s GREAT), GIFs tell the story better than words sometimes, and Spider-Man gets splooshy in that skin-tight suit.


Oof! Another week down. TGIF, boys. I made a joke about that on instagram the other day because I didn’t know if anybody still said that. My not having a day job lately has left me unsure what day it actually is on most days, so getting jazzed because it’s Friday seems unnecessary.

But Fridays are my excuse to post a handful of links that I’ve come across over the last week that don’t totally deserve their own post, but that I’d hate for you to miss. The sort of thing that if we were roommates I’d force you to look at just in a “omg, did you see this?!” kinda way.

This week’s 5 For the Weekend include a sexy, big dick’d trucker stroking his bone in the cab of his big rig while dreaming of his husband (it says that in the description and I think that’s fuckin’ romantic AF), a discussion on whether or not Godzilla actually has genitals (spoiler – OBVIOUSLY he does. In my world at least), a short story of parental discipline told in GIF form, a beardo who cums so loud it actually helped ME shoot when I was jackin’ to it, and a Spider-Man guy shooting his web all over the inside of his suit.

Let’s get weird:

Black Trucker jacks off, BBC Spider-Man Jack Off, Nude, Naked, Sexy, ComicDad spanks son, GIFBearded guy jack off, vocal, loud, cumsGodzilla's Penis


I’m always finding the weirdest shit and I love to share the wealth. If you have something you think would be good for weekend viewing, drop it off in the comments and I’ll scoop it up for next week.


Happy stroking.





Other good stuff from this week:

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