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Story Time: Twice Plumbed


Handjobs Magazine: Plumbers, incest, and fancy, foreign underwear.


One of my favorite things to write about for Manhunt Daily was erotic art and especially writings. You’ve (of course) heard me profess my long-standing love for Handjobs Magazine, so it should be no surprise that today’s story comes from there. I figured I could share a favorite Handjobs story or something from the Nifty Archive here every couple of weeks to provide a contrast to all the jacking videos I keep posting. These can be the thinking man’s jacking videos.

I remember reading this story for the first time in 2003 (it’s from the March 2003 issue of HJ) and thinking that it was the perfect link with the sex stuff paced out exactly right – if you started rubbing your dick around the point where the kid mentions how being around the father/son plubing team was making him “super horny,” you should be at just the right speed to bust with them. Written and illustrated by Robin Walden, that’s all no surprise. See what you think:



Twice Plumbed

by Robin Walden

My mother had worked hard at her job and finally got the promotion she deserved. One of the first things she started doing with her larger income was making improvements on the small but comfort- able house we lived in.

I liked working with tools and did as much as I could to save Mom money. But there were still a lot of things I knew little about, so she was forced to call in a professional for some of the improvements.

Most of the contractors who came to work on our place were really lame in the looks department. Too fat, too old, or just downright butt- ugly. My fantasy of a real hot repair man coming to our house was going nowhere fast. That was until Friday morning, when Mom told me a plumber was coming to work on the bathroom.

I was overjoyed when she said I could stay home from school to let the plumber in. Then she gave me a blank check and told me to make it out for whatever the work would cost. After that, she was off to work. I knew she wouldn’t be back home until late that afternoon.

I was really having a blast being home all by myself. I never even got completely dressed. All I had on were a pair of old, baggy shorts and no shirt. I watched some TV and was about to go to my room to beat off, when I heard a knock at the door. Must be the plumber, I thought. I wonder what this slob looks like. But when I opened the door, my jaw fell wide open. To my surprise, there were these two really hot men standing in front of me.

“Caffi Plumbing,” the taller man said in a deep voice. “I’m Mr. Caffi and this is my son, Dwayne.”

Handjobs Magazine, Twice Plumbed, Incest, Father, Son, Illustrated, Cartoon, WaldenI almost couldn’t get the words out of my mouth to invite them inside. Mr. Caffi was tall, slender and well built. As he came into the living room, I caught a whiff of his sweaty, masculine scent. His snug t-shirt and faded jeans left little to my imagination. He also had a big gray mustache and a lot of morning stubble on his chiseled face.

His son Dwayne was equally hot. He also had a mustache like his dad and a very provocative smile on his face. His work shirt was halfway unbuttoned, revealing his lightly hairy, but well built chest.

“Your mother said there were a few things in the bathroom that needed fixing,” Mr. Caffi said.

“Er … yes, sir,” I answered, breaking out of my lusty gaze. “I’ll show you where the bathroom is.”

As we came to the bathroom, I told Mr. Caffi what needed to be repaired. I guess I was saying the right things, because as he put his tool box down, he looked at me and said, “You know the trade, son. Ever think about being a plumber?”

“Well, not really, sir,” I answered. “I just like working with tools. Guess I got it from my dad … well, that is before he and Mom split up.”

“Sorry to hear that, boy,” Mr. Caffi said as he opened his tool box. “When my wife passed on, I had to raise both my sons by myself, so I know how hard that can be. But I think they turned out all right, and they both put in a few years workin’ with the ol’ man. Dwayne here, he’s waitin’ to hear back from a couple of tech schools he’s applied to. Wants to be a big time computer programmer, I guess.”

I stood outside in the hallway as Mr. Caffi and his son started to work on the sink and toilet. I didn’t want them to notice how hard my cock had become inside my shorts and just being near the two of them was making me super horny. As Mr. Caffi worked on the toilet, Dwayne got on his back and scooted under the sink to remove the leaking drain trap. Maybe I just imagined it, but it sure looked like his shirt was now more open than before. Now I could see almost his entire hairy chest and his trim belly. As my eyes shot back and forth between them, my cock was getting so hard I thought it would break off. Thinking they couldn’t see me,I slipped my hand into my shorts. My hot cock was dripping like crazy.

“Well, the toilet’s done now, boy,” Mr. Caffi said turning his head quickly toward me. I still had my hand down my shorts when he saw me and he gave me a strange grin when I quickly pulled my hand out. Then Mr. Caffi got into the bathtub and looked at the shower head. “Yeah, this old spray head has to go, boy. Is it all right if I replace it? I’ve got some new ones in the truck.”

“Oh … sure,” I said completely red-faced. “Mom said to do whatever you thought was best.”

“Dwayne, I’ll need you to go to the basement and turn off the water before I change the shower head.” “Sure thing, Dad,” Dwayne said. “I’ll take the walkie-talkie with me and call you when it’s turned off.”

“I can show you where the cut off valve is,” I said eagerly. “Oh, that’s all right, buddy,” Dwayne said as he walked down the hall. “Cut off valves are always in the same place, and I’ve been in hundreds of basements. I think I can find it all right.”

When Dwayne got to the stairs, he gave me a funny look, just like his father had. I wondered if he’d seen me fiddling with my stiff cock too. After his son went to the basement, Mr. Caffi quickly removed the old shower head. He looked at it for a second, then handed it to me. “Do me a favor, boy,” he said. “Go out to my truck, and in the back seat, you’ll see a small box with new shower heads inside it. Bring it back here and pick out the one you want.”

I quickly ran outside to the truck and found the box Mr. Caffi asked for. I was hoping that moving around some would help my stiff boner relax, but I was still hard as a rock. When I got back into the house, my dick was still standing at full mast. I stopped to stroke my tight nutsac and it felt so nice, I almost shot my load right there.

As I was coming down the hall, I suddenly heard the splashing sound of water, then Mr. Caffi’s voice bellowed out, “Fuck! Goddamnit!!”

When I got to the bathroom, there was Mr. Caffi standing in the bathtub, totally soaked from head to toe. Water was flowing from the shower head pipe, filling the tub. I put down the box and grabbed Mr. Caffi’s arm, helping him out of the tub. He looked like he’d jumped into a pool with all his clothes on.

“Guess Dwayne didn’t get the right valve for the water,” he sputtered. Then he picked up his walkie-talkie to call his son in the basement. “You owe me, boy,” he said in a low, commanding voice. “You owe me real good!”

Dwayne’s voice crackled from the other end, “Sorry, Dad … Er, sorry!” Mr. Caffi sat on the toilet seat looking a bit pissed and annoyed, so I gave him a towel to dry himself off. As I looked at him, his wet t-shirt and jeans clung to his body even more. The outline of what appeared to be a very sizable amount of dickmeat rested between his legs.

“Ah, shit,” Mr. Caffi said pulling off his wet shirt in front of me. “This ain’t the first time I’ve been soaked on the job. Hope you’ve got a dryer in your basement, boy. Here, you may as well take my jeans, too.”

Before I knew it, Mr. Caffi stood up, pulled his wet jeans off and handed them to me. I tried not to act too surprised as he stood there before me in his underwear … at least I think that’s what it was.

Mr. Caffi was wearing a “sock”. It was really just a cloth pouch that his cock and balls fit into that hung from a strip of elastic that went around his firm waist – sort of like a jockstrap without the leg straps.

As I stood there with his wet clothes in my arms, Mr. Caffi looked at me again with that strange smile and said, “Whatcha lookin’ at boy? You never seen a man in his underwear before?”

“Well, yes sir. I have,” I answered nervously. “It’s just that I’ve never seen underwear like that!”

“Oh, this?” Mr. Caffi said fondling his fat, wet pouch. “My other son who lives overseas sent these to me. I’ve been wearing them for years. Don’t like boxers or briefs. These give you just enough support, and they stretch real easy … you know, like when guys like us get all hot and excited.”

Those last words Mr. Caffi said hit me right in the head. As he stood there groping his pouch, it grew longer and fatter until I could clearly see the outline of his thick cock and hefty balls. All the time I watched, he was giving me that sly, inviting look, and my own hard cock was bouncing inside my shorts, drawing me toward him. “Come here, boy,” Mr. Caffi said as he sat on the toilet seat again and spread his legs wide. “I’ve got somethin’ you might want to look at. And from what I can see, you got somethin’ I sure want to get my hands on.”

Handjobs Magazine, Twice Plumbed, Incest, Father, Son, Illustrated, Cartoon, WaldenBy then I was totally mesmerized by this hot, handsome daddy. I slowly went up to him and straddled his leg. “Let’s see whatcha got, boy. I can tell its a nice one,” he said. When I pulled my shorts down, my hard cock sprang up for him. “Oh, yeah, boy,” Mr. Caffi said. “Nice fat dick you’ve got there … all ready to shoot … hot fuckin’ stud boy, ain’tcha? Bet you can bust a nut anytime you want.”

Somehow, my shorts ended up on the bathroom floor and my hot asscheeks were rubbing over Mr. Caffi’s big, veiny cock, which he’d freed from his pouch. I reached behind me to grab it and gave it a light tug with my hand. Man, it was big one.

“You ever had a dick like this up you ass before, son?” Mr. Caffi softly whispered in my ear.

“Not like yours, sir,” I answered. “There was this guy at school who used to fuck me, but he moved away, so it’s been a while.”

“Good thing, boy,” Mr. Caffi said as he caressed my ass in his hands. “I think it’s time you learned what being the plumber’s helper is really about.”

I don’t know where it came from, but Mr. Caffi already had a tube of lubricant. As I leaned forward, I could hear the sound of him getting his big pole nice and slick for me. I couldn’t wait much longer and started to press my tight butt down on his juicy cock. I only had an inch or two inside me, but it felt so wonderful. I put my hands on Mr. Caffi’s shoulders and pushed myself down even more.

“Oh fuck, boy,” he gasped. “You really want it, don’tcha?” That’s when I pushed down again and his big rod popped past my tight ass ring and slid completely up my chute. I let out a moan, enjoying the feeling of his hot fuck pole deep inside my ass.

Mr. Caffi pulled me forward and started kissing and sucking on my hard nipples as I pumped myself up and down on his cock. Being impaled on his rod was driving me crazy with lusty, hard-core abandon, and I couldn’t seem to get enough. Then, before I had a chance to stroke myself, my stiff, hot boner started to erupt like a volcano all over Mr. Caffi’s chest. At first, I was a little embarrassed that I’d shot my wad all over him. But he really didn’t seem to mind. When I opened my eyes, Mr. Caffi was licking his fingers and had a smile on his face.

“Well, now. Ain’t that nice,” he said. “You are one hot spunk factory, son …. Real nice.”

“Yeah, Dad. Real nice,” a voice said from behind us. I turned my head and there was Dwayne standing in the door way. He’d already taken his jeans off and was stroking his cock, which was identical to his father’s, only it was just a bit longer.

“You two sure didn’t waste any time gettin’ into something,” Dwayne said. “I could hear everything on my walkie-talkie.” “This is one hot stud boy,” Mr. Caffi said with his hard cock still buried up my ass. “And tight … just like you were when I busted your cherry.”

“Sure would like to try some of it, buddy,” Dwayne said waving his big log at me.

Something that inviting needed my immediate attention. I quickly leaned my head over and sucked about half of his cock into my mouth before he knew what was happening. “Holy shit!” Dwayne moaned. “Oh, man! He’s hot for it, Dad. Look at him go.” “You got that right, son,” Mr. Caffi said as he sat back and pumped my tight hole a few more times. “This young buck is ready to get us both off.”

Before I knew it, I was bent over the bathtub. Dwayne got behind me and started rubbing his cockhead over my sticky butt. Even though his dad had stretched my hole real good, it took some extra lube before Dwayne got his big butt drill into me. But unlike his Dad, Dwayne took full command of the fucking as he grabbed onto my shoulders and slammed into my hot ass hard and fast.

Then Mr. Caffi got into the tub in front of me, stroking his fat cock inches from my face. I opened my mouth wide and started licking his heavy nutsac. The aroma of his balls sent my mind spinning.

Handjobs Magazine, Twice Plumbed, Incest, Father, Son, Illustrated, Cartoon, WaldenI was a total pig at this point. The bathroom was filled with the sound of Dwayne smacking my ass and thrusting his big rod up my tight, hungry hole. “Oh, yeah, buddy,” he moaned. “My ol’ man may have opened you up, but I’m the one that’s gonna really fuck the crap outta you.”

As Dwayne sped up his fucking rhythm, his father jerked his long cock faster and faster above my head. I knew he was about to bust his load and held on tight to his legs.

Suddenly, Mr. Caffi started to tremble and grabbed the back of my head. “Ahhh, fuck! Oh, shit!” he moaned out and blew a huge flow of hot mancream over my back and down the crack of my ass.

I guess the sight of his old man getting his rocks off was too much for Dwayne. He pounded into me even harder than before and seconds later, unloaded his scalding ball juice deep inside my ass.

Then Dwayne pulled me close to his sweaty chest and with his free hand, jerked my stiff cock. Mr. Caffi got down in the bathtub as I instantly shot another big load into his waiting mouth. “Yeah … hot fuckin’ boyspunk,” he mumbled as it dribbled down his chin. “Ain’t nothin’ like it.”

Needless to say, it took Mr. Caffi and his son a bit longer to finish the work they started. But when they were done, we all cleaned up the bathroom and my mom never knew what really happened that day.

A couple of days later, Mr. Caffi called me to say Dwayne had been accepted to the tech school he wanted to attend and asked if I was interested in a job as his new apprentice. I accepted the offer without a second thought. I would miss working with Dwayne, but I could hardly wait to spend more time with his hot, hunky father.

“Good,” Mr. Caffi said over the phone. “Come by my office tomorrow to fill out your application … and be ready to give Dwayne his going away present.” HJMicro



Love it. Even after all these years. Bless you, Handjobs Magazine.



  • James
    Posted at 13:07h, 03 September

    People say they don’t like incest stories but they obviously do. You should do more like this about dad’s and sons

    • James
      Posted at 13:08h, 03 September

      It’s interesting to me

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 17:12h, 05 September

      I agree! And it’s my house so I will if I want to!

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  • Jesse
    Posted at 00:24h, 17 July

    Thank you for making these stories available. I love reading these stories Handjob stories. I would love to read more. Including stories from Daddy’s Bedtime Tales.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:25h, 17 July

      You’re so welcome! I love these stories so much that I hate for them to get lost to the annals of time, just due to carelessness. If there’s other guys out there enjoying them as well, all the better.

      Thank you for reading!


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