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Playlist: Summer’s End

Synthwave and Retro Electro are perfect for late september heatwaves.


At least, I’m calling it a heatwave. Though I can remember when I first moved to the city and suffered through almost all of October at unseasonably warm temperatures. Here’s hoping we’re almost at the end. Today is the first official day of Autumn, so I guess I have to get going on a fall playlist, too!

Summer’s End is a collection of some of my favorite stuff designed to sound like it’s from 1986, but was really made this year. Some of it is more thoughtful than the rest, but it’s all good nostalgia generation, and totally perfect for running around New York in short shorts and sunglasses in the late afternoon. That time of day when the heat radiating back up from all the concrete and out of the subway grates is almost worse than the hot summer air itself.




Spotify is pretty prickly about how it will play it, so I’m real open to other suggestions if you’ve got em. Otherwise, enjoy, and feel free to subscribe for my fall playlist (whenever that happens to get posted. Likely mid-winter at this rate).


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