Clickbate: 5 For The Weekend

Cosmo interviews a “real” male escort, there’s a show where hot MOC are just straight up fucking and I want to watch it, a cake that ejaculates, and one of my favorite Tumblr masturbators.


So I know you wouldn’t know it to look around here lately, but I have been very busy with this blog the last two solid days almost. God bless anyone who does WordPress dev for a living. I’d rather pull out my own toenails. You fix one thing and another thing breaks. You fix that and something else falls off. It’s amazing. But having a week down gave me ample opportunity to find LOTS of cool shit for you to whack to this weekend. Let’s review:

We’ve got a Cosmo interview with a “real male escort” that will make you roll your eyes a lot. Like you would with anything Cosmo puts out. Just closer to home this time. Then there’s a show called About Him on an “internet broadcasting channel” that I can’t totally figure out, but I really really want to watch. Somebody in England made an ejaculating penis cake. So that’s super. And then, if you’ve never had a naked hugging competition, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. Watching grown men grind their boners against each other and kiss puts me at 95% ready to bust.

For your (penis) pleasure:


Signal On Demand, About Him, BBC, outdoors, Jack, Frottage, KissingCosmo talks to real male escort new york straight gayBBC Hugging, kissing, frottage, grinding, penis, assSerious masturbator, penis, edging, goon, poppers, cigarcake that ejaculates whipped cream cum


If you can’t find something in there to make your dick hard, I’m not sure you’re on the right site. Maybe you should try some past editions of Clickbate to see if one of those doesn’t do it.

Also, we’re calling this weekly edition Clickbate now, instead of the cumbersome 5 For the Weekend title. But it’s still gonna be all the same penisy stuff just in time for your weekend masturbations.


I’m always on the hunt for new and weirder penis shit. If you got a link I should check out, leave it in the comments or send me a message on the About page. I’d love to hear what you’re all revved up about these days.






Other good stuff from this week:

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Summer Playlist, Gay Porn, Synthwave, Retro, 80s, Video GameThe Good Man Servant, Freebo23, Tumblr, Cartoon, Drawing, Comic, Bara, Art, Naked, Fucking, Incest

Butt, Statue, Neon, Sexy, Naked, Man



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Butt, Statue, Neon, Sexy, Naked, Man
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