Masculine Thongs. It’s a Real Thing.

Why are guys put off by one of the BEST kinds of underwear?


If you follow me over on tumblr, you’ve no doubt come across one or two posts of me yelling about men who think thongs are “uncomfortable” or – weirder still – feminine. I don’t totally understand the association between thongs and women’s underwear, except that I guess it’s a more common style for their underwear to be found in. But the comfort thing, I will tell you without hesitation, is a fucking myth. Thongs are mad comfortable and perfectly swaddle your business like nothing you’ve ever worn before. There isn’t even any style of pouch brief that compares. It’s like having a soft, cotton hand lightly cupping the balls all day long.

And I’m sorry (not sorry) but if you have a manly muscle butt, they look sexy af, and nobody should argue with that. To that end, I’ve pulled some of my favorite photos from one of my new favorite tumblrs, True Studs Wear Thongs, to show you that, just the fact that it goes up your butt, does not make a thong an unmasculine choice:



These guys all know – including Nick Sterling, Francois Sagat, Sean Zevran, and a couple more dudes whose names escape me just now – thongs look good, and feel good, and your fear of them being feminine or too rough alongside your delicate BHole, are unfounded and just plain wrong.

If you’re a man who has a butt, most especially if it’s a muscled butt that deserves to be shown off properly, I recommend finding yourself your first thong and taking it for a test run. If you’ve got one that looks good and fits right, I don’t think you’ll go back.  Bodybuilders: the struggle of thick thighs and a mountain of ass being jammed into boxerbriefs is solved.


This Calvin Klein thong is a great starter, if you’ve never been there before. Comfortable, subdued, won’t get a lot of heads whipped around in the locker room. But damn if it’s not so comfortable you can sleep in it.




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  • James
    Posted at 22:33h, 28 September

    Thongs are sexy. I just don’t know if I’d pull one off haha

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:27h, 30 September

      You never know until you do it and it MAY be amazing. GO! TRY!

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