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Let Captain Americum Make Your Day

Oh, you talented, motion graphics perverts.


I know Americium is a radioactive element. Don’t write and tell me about that.

Doing some research for a thing I’m writing about bate culture and some of the vocabulary and ideals that come with, I stumbled across this short, but worthwhile vignette about Captain America just really taking some time for himself.

This is sort of brilliant, as a short film, because it doesn’t follow the sort of cam-show orchestration of ‘showing off and flexing and mugging for the camera’ like so many cam dudes do. Captain America doesn’t even seem to make eye contact with the viewer or to have a computer in front of him that’s constantly dinging and chiming as people send messages. He’s just sitting back in his gear, legs spread wide across that folding chair, and seems completely lost in his penis. You wouldn’t be surprised if, just seconds before the clip started, Cap’t was huffing up on a little brown bottle he stashed under the chair.

This is the setup for a near infinite number of the best bate videos I’ve seen, and the fact that this clip is all about the Cap’t being into his penis really speaks to the notion that the author of this is probably a pretty hardcore masturbator. It would be easy (and way less interesting) to craft this same 30 seconds or so as Captain America: Muscle Hunk Cam Showoff and style and direct it to match every video you find on Flex4Cash. But they didn’t do that. Whoever made this made it a point to show this guy, deep into his penis and sharing that instead of showing off.

That’s pretty fuckkin cool.



If you got any details about this (who made it and why?) please use the comments or shoot me a message. Or if there’s more to this than we’re seeing here. (EDITED: Here’s the artist and source! Although stupid tumblr pulled it for a ToS violation.) I think the rendering on this is gorgeous and the direction smart and satisfying. The warehouse setting actually fits both of the worlds this incorporates (CA seems to spend a lot of time knocking around various warehouses and hangers), and the background isn’t just an out of focus blur. The added touch of having that low-level machine hum as part of the audio is just icing. I suspect this audio was maybe taken from another clip and this scene was crafted around it, but I could be wrong.


Totally brilliant work.



PS- What did you think??


  • James
    Posted at 22:30h, 28 September

    This is hot. Is there a full movie?

    • G
      Posted at 10:53h, 30 September

      I hope there must be!

      • tylerthebadwolf
        Posted at 13:28h, 30 September

        If I find any more of it, I’ll certainly post it here.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:26h, 30 September

      Not that I could find. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there. Too bad tumblr is deleting shit like this forever, every single day.

  • Commenter
    Posted at 15:54h, 28 October

    I wish the real Captain America were this interesting.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:33h, 04 November

      Lol. It would definitely help me stay awake during that endless Civil War ordeal.

  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 12:31h, 31 October

    Maybe #JohnKelly was talking about *Captain America* Civil War. There were def some compromise problems in that!

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