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Economic Times Prints List of Celebs “Caught” With Sex Workers

The Economic Times: the garbage dump you end up in after clicking any of those “you won’t believe how X” banners after real news stories.


Oh, Economic Times. What even are you. Aside from the newsmagazine version of those little bins next to public toilets designed to collect used sanitary napkins. In fact, I think that’s what those should be titled from now on. ET: the waste bin in public bathrooms made specifically for used feminine hygiene products.  

And what hard-hitting journalism you pursue, rehashing decades-old stories about suspected liaisons between sex workers and celebrities, that have little factual basis and zero verifiable sources, outside of dustbin escorts who decided to sell their shitty stories to shitty tabloids. Oh, India!

I will say, ET doesn’t spend a lot of time making derogatory statements about sex workers, and all of this is framed and stated as though it were based on real reporting, so it’s still leagues ahead of Buzzfeed.

Whatever. Here’s the list (bonus points if you know who George Michael is, because clearly ET doesn’t):



From Lindsay Lohan to Eddie Murphy, celebs who were caught hiring males for pleasure

ET Bureau|Sep 26, 2016, 11.38 AM IST

Lindsay Lohan, Escort, Sex Worker, ProstituteThe parent trap
Lindsay Lohan
The child star turned Hollywood wild child can’t seem to catch a break. In 2012, a male porn star named Alex ‘Voodoo’ Torres went on a radio show and alleged that Lindsay Lohan had paid him to have sex with her while her father was upstairs, sleeping. Michael Lohan, her father, however, denied that there was any truth to the allegation.


Eddie Murphy, Naked, Prostitute, Escort, Trans, ScandalHelping hand
Eddie Murphy
Maybe The Nutty Professor actor needed a shoulder to cry on after a string of flops. In 1997, Eddie Murphy was arrested for soliciting a transsexual prostitute in his car. The Dr Doolittle star claimed that he merely saw a woman in distress and tried to help: “I did nothing wrong. I was trying to be a good Samaritan and this is what happens.” But according to the transgender sex-worker, Murphy had placed two $100 bills on her legs ..


Boy George, Escort, ScandalOh, boy
Boy George
Former Culture Club lead singer Boy George was sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2009 after he was found guilty of imprisoning a male escort at his London home. Boy George reportedly became paranoid that the escort had hacked into his computer. He handcuffed the man to the wall and beat him “with all sorts of sex toys and chains”.


Lea Michelle, Glee, Male Escort, Prostitute, GayIn harmony

Lea Michele
In 2014, Glee star Lea Michele was reportedly dating a former male escort named Matthew Paetz, who was said to have charged up to $17,500 for a week of his company. The pair met when he starred in Michele’s raunchy music video for On My Way. Upset with the reports, the actress insisted that he was not a male gigolo, but a coach to escorts.


Barney Frank, Hero, HomosexualFrankly, my dear
Barney Frank
An openly gay member of Congress, Frank paid a male prostitute for sex in 1985. The two men developed a friendship, and Frank hired the male hooker to be his housekeeper and driver. In 1989, the prostitute tried to sell a scandalous story about himself and Frank to various movie studios. Attempts to expel or censure Frank, led by members of the House Committee on Ethics, failed.


Careless kisser
George Michael
Pop star George Michael’s sexual preference is no secret. But the Careless Whisper singer was caught kissing a mystery man on a yacht in Sydney in 2010, when he was still with long-time partner Kenny Goss. News reports, however, outed the mystery man as a 23-year-old Czech bisexual escort who charged almost $250 an hour. The now-defunct newspaper The News of the World revealed that he had advertised his services on a website. ..



I’m not gonna link you to their story, because it’s a trash story and they don’t deserve your traffic. It’s bad enough I got a google alert about it and read it myself.


It’s probably gonna be a long time before we start having stories from real publications about how to hire safely, or what folks with some notoriety can do to protect their privacy from crap “journalism” like this. or how little it matters that a celebrity might have hired an escort (the same way they might hire a chef, or a housekeeper, or a therapist). Until then, I guess “hey at least this wasn’t totally slanderous to sex workers!” is as good as things are gonna get.






  • James
    Posted at 16:53h, 03 October

    That isn’t George Michael in that last photo

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:14h, 04 October

      It is not. Lol. That’s true.

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