Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked, Gilligan's Island

The Skipper Showed Full, Naked Ballback in 1970’s “There Was A Crooked Man”

It was glorious.


Years after he would become a household name (and the target of lots of attention from confused young men for his massive, unrestrained package) as the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island, Alan Hale Jr. was featured in the 1970 Kirk Douglas/Henry Fonda western There Was a Crooked Man. Hale played Arizona sherriff “Tobaccy,” and before he gets shot in the gut by Burgess Meredith, there’s a brief (pun!) scene wherein he splits his pants, bending down. The thing is, he doesn’t seem to be wearing any briefs (you see what I did there? Brief? Briefs??). So this brief (c’mon!) glimpse becomes a full on exposure of Hale’s taint and scrotum (affectionately known as the ‘ballback’ area).

But you don’t have to take my word for it:


Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked


As you can see from this other image, showing Hale pulling on different pants over the underwear you can see opening wide in that gif, he’s got nothing covering his actual nutsack under those longjohns:


Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked


Need more proof? I zoomed and enhanced, a la CSI (click to view full size):

Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked


One can clearly see the split pants, the split longjohns, and then Hale’s big, daddy nuts mugging for the camera.

I can remember watching Hale on Gilligan’s Island as a kid (on Nick @ Nite, obviously) and being completely mesmerized by his oversized package, which was featured often and prominently on that show, almost as if no one else was noticing it. But clearly, other people noticed. It really is surprising how frequently he was shot sitting, with his legs spread wide open, and a very respectable mound of D&B on view for a broadcast television show.


Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked, Gilligan's Island


Ahh. Things were different then. Nowadays, even though we know Jon Hamm has a big dick, Don Draper never got to show it off. I’d bet we can blame this crotch flattening trend we’re still right in the middle of.

If you’ve spotted other big bulges from this television time period, I’m always all ears! Send me a message on the About page, or leave links in the comments!



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    #TBT: When the Skipper showed off his huge nuts and full #ballback in an actual movie (sort of by accident):

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