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FURRY ALERT: Halloween is Coming!

Furry Art takes a real turn during most major holidays.


One of the best things I did at Manhunt Daily was this Christmas post titled Drawn to You: Reindeer Games. Nobody there appreciated it properly, so I may go steal it back this Christmas (in my Grinchy jockstrap). If you’re not familiar with what happens to Fur sites (and tumblr, tbh) during big holidays, I found this handy chart tonight that will help you know what you’re in store for:



Gay Furry Art Through the Holidays

Who’s excited for Halloween, huh?! Horny Witch, here I come!


This beautiful illustration is by Van Weasel, who has an incredible set of galleries over at Fur Affinity. You can check him out here.  The original tumblr post I found is here.


Tell me which holiday you’re looking forward to!




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