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The Masculine, Shame-Free Art of Bo

Beautiful, expressive, and from a mysterious source.


Tumblr is such a fucking curse sometimes. When it’s used and linked properly, you have access to the work of artists and photographers that you might never encounter in another way. People link back to their personal or professional sites, portfolios, and social media accounts, allowing you to find out more about who these content creators are, and put their efforts into some perspective or context that might allow you to appreciate them more.

Then there’s stuff like Bo. Which is short for the Japanese word Otokonobo. Which is a term for erotic Japanese stories for men featuring crossdressing as their primary plot element. Which is pretty super-weird because Bo’s work features built, beefy, ultra-masculine men, engaging in solo or group sex activity exclusively with other built, beefy, ultra-masculine men. In fact, I couldn’t find any crossdressing instances in the entire archive of this tumblr. That it’s all in Japanese, didn’t make the task any easier.

Not that I’m complaining. It’s just a strange title, perhaps. I couldn’t let these works slide by, though, without wanting to share at least a few of them here. A couple weeks back I posted this one-off manga about a lonely professor (I think) who spends the night at a hotel and is visited by a mysterious (and semi-rapey) visitor in his sleep. What I loved about that comic was the romance and sexualization of this mature, Asian man, without rendering him abnormally handsome, muscular, or overly genitally endowed. He was, ostensibly, just a ‘regular guy.’ That doesn’t seem like it necessarily should be a contradiction in ideas, but one quick glance at hypersexual gay art like Tom of Finland will show you few ‘regular guys,’ and virtually zero sexualized Asian men.

I’m always on the hunt online for stuff I can’t seem to find enough of: old guys with boners who smile in modern photos, mature black daddy pics, masculine sexualized Asian dudes, and comics/art/illustrations that deal with things that feel weird or unsafe. So Bo’s tumblr presence made an immediate impression; his gallery is completely filled with thick, unquestionably masculine men, often with prominent and proudly displayed erections. Many of them are Asian, but he really seems to hit a lot of groups, preferring instead to focus on age range and muscularity as defining traits, rather than race.

These men exist in a world free from the judgmental gaze of women, and the polite society restraints of  Victorian/Christian ideas. They display their sexuality and their pleasure with abandon, and to the surprise, delight, and championing mimicry of other masculine men. It’s a pretty gloriously conceived place, with sharp outlines containing computer-generated water colors, and meticulously drawn-in body hair and sperm drips:



To my mind, this is what it means to be male. To be free to own your space and to be proud of your body and your genitals, and to address masturbatory impulses as they arise and then move on. It’s a way of being that most societies don’t embrace, but which isn’t shunned quit as heartily as it is in the US. Especially places like Italy.


I’m always extremely open to information and tips if you know anything about this artist, or where to see more of his work. I suspect he gets published, though reverse searching these images didn’t bring up anything significant.

Regardless, it’s going to be a better day for having spent part of it masturbating to the masturbation of these giant, horny, sexual men.



  • BO
    Posted at 06:49h, 07 October

    hi ,tyler.its,BO
    i am so suprised at seeing your blog.thank you for your making it.
    i am not good at english, but i try to read.

    i like to draw . but now i have not much to draw,i am very busy.
    you can see my new artwork at Nov.
    bye BO

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