Clickbate: Very Vulgar And Obscene

5 for the Weekend: Texas is not into penises, real or otherwise, Simon Cowell exposes himself on tv, and a dad with the biggest nuts I’ve ever seen shaves them smooth for your entertainment.


Whenever I put together that subheadline about what’s actually in these posts, it always sounds like I’m queueing up the teleprompter for the most insane local news report anyone has ever seen. It always sounds like the next sentence should be “also, which one of these canned vegetables could be killing you? We’ll tell you all about that and more, tonight on FOX 5 News, at eleven!”

But I digress. It’s been a good week here at BWB! We got some good stuff posted about piss and Japanese MAN art, in addition to Alan Hale Jr’s full-on ball sack making its cinematic debut in a 1970 western. And now, since it’s Friday and I’m all about guiding people to the penisiest stuff on the webbernets, we’ve got even more raunchy junk. There’s the Daily Show’s reporting on the UT protests about open carry laws (hilarious), a halloween mask that the woman writing the clickbait article linked here couldn’t wait to call “disgusting,” (sad), as well as a guy with the biggest natural nuts (ok fine, they’re maybe a liiiiiitle pumped up) I’ve ever seen shaving them totally smooth and then masturbating the jizz right out of them. It’s entertaining af.

In addition, there’s a quick teaser of Smokeout/Strokeout over on Eternal Popperbate, and that guy’s having a lot of trouble with tumblr pulling videos. So I wanna get him as much attention rn as  possible. Plus also that’s my favorite thing ever – smoke’n’stroke is the shit. Also also, Simon Cowell’s maybe penis. Idk. Probably not.

Let’s do it:

Daddy, Shaves, Huge, Balls, Testicles, Nuts, Cums, Stroke, TubtimeSimon Cowell, Nude, Naked, Exposed, Penis, Dick Slip, Wardrobe Malfunction, ToeSmoke, Stroke, Penis, Masturbation, 420, Huff, Poppperbate, videoHalloween, Realistic, Penis, Mask, Vagina, DetailedTexas open carry, Protest, Dildo, Penis, Gun


As ever, if none of that gets your wang spinning (that’s a euphemism people use, right?), there’s always time machine editions of Clickbate for you to peruse.

And if you see stuff you think outta be in next week’s edition, comments are always open and if you don’t wanna post publicly, the About page has a way to send them to me directly!

TGIF, brothers. I’m working the New York Jacks party coat check this Sunday! Come say hi!





Other good stuff from this week:

Fort Troff, Bumper Brite, Anal bleach, skin lightener, Genital discoloration cure, Lotion, Safe, Natural

Anthony Varrecchia, Mature, Male, Naked, Muscle, Nude, Penis, Shower, Venfield8, Art, Photography

Alan Hale Jr. Bulge, Ballback, Pants Split, Scrotum, Balls, Naked, Gilligan's IslandBateworld, anniversary, birthday, masturbation, bate, stroke, penis, community, naked, group jack off, brotherhood

Otokonobo, art, illustration, Daddy, Gay, Mature, Japanese, Asian, Cum, Uncensored, Manga, Painting, Jocks, Coach, Gym, Masculine, Masc

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