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Pito Savage

I don’t have a sassy subheadline. This dude is flawless.


Mondays or Tuesdays are usually chest days for me at the gym, and there’s a handful of guys that I try and think about competing with for chest meat some day, just as inspiration. Guys like Bruce Beckham (who – I don’t even think it’s real muscle. Guy has a massive, GI JOE lookin’ rack that seems both inconvenient and entirely unfair) or Jesse Jackman, who have tiddies like you can’t even look away from. But in the last year or so I started to really covet the size and shape of this muscly daddy I kept seeing out of context on tumblr.

Eventually, with some reverse google image searching, I discovered that the dude running the chest I was coveting was Pito Savage. And thus began a precum-fueled lust affair that couldn’t be satiated by all the naked photos Pito has managed to toss out to tumblr in his whole career.

I always try to use Angelina Jolie when I’m explaining to people the idea of “not totally human beauty.” It’s slightly messier now that she’s had some extreme plastic surgery and decided to divorce Brad Pitt, but I think the concept still stands and most of us can remember early 2000s Jolie and her brand of allure that wasn’t really comparable to anyone or anything else. You almost never saw someone who you could say “looked like” Jolie because regular people just don’t look like this.

I think I can use that same idea to describe Pito Savage, too. When I see photos of this man, or (probably most especially) watch videos of how engages with his partners sexually, I’m overcome with the idea of ‘too good to be true.’ He’s almost too perfect. It’s… a lot to absorb. It would be one thing if he were just stunning and muscular and handsome as an IG model or something, but the fact that he’ll post videos of his husband supplying luxurious morning blowjays, and long, morningwood piss clips, almost makes me suspicious he’s not real. Or that he’s been Truman-Show-crafted to appeal to me, specifically.

I don’t know what I can say that his photos and videos don’t already cover, but I’m completely under this guy’s spell. He represents the exact sort of comfort in your own skin and comfort with your sexuality and your genitals that I am all about. That I think all men should be all about. I described that sort of vibe here a little bit. But it’s one thing when it’s art/fiction. It’s something else to see that kind of sexual liberation and masculine comfort in action:




You see what I mean? He’s not quite like other porn guys. There’s something extra happening here in his physicality and presentation that I can’t totally put my finger on. He consumes and inhabits his space comfortably, even totally nude, and his smile is confident and seductive.

It’s probably more difficult for me to describe properly since I often find myself unable to look away from his massive, hairy chest. Not just cause I’m attracted to it, but cause I wanna look like this one day. Envy isn’t a strong enough word for what I feel when I see all this fucking man muscle splayed across his full grown frame. I’ve managed to channel it into a lot of pushups every day, and some personal bests for benchpresses at the gym. But I’m still light years away from what this dude has managed to do to shape his body this way.

But like I said, the body is just one piece of it. This guy radiates something intense that, while unidentifiable, is super powerful. I’m not a sub sort of guy for the most part, but if I ran into Pito in the gym sauna, I’d let him do what he wanted with me. It’s tough not to feel jealous that this isn’t me with my mouth permanently wrapped around this guy’s spectacular penis:





And seeing his piss splash out of this half-boner has encouraged a full-sized boner to occur in me just now (especially after this post extolling the magic of watersports so fresh in mind):




If you want to know more about Pito (as I suspect you do), the site he runs with his sexy fucking husband is a wealth of information and exclusive content, and I’m very drawn to how they define themselves in their manifesto:

SavageTalonsMedia is stepping outside the box. If you are looking for scripted scenes, pretty sets and the popular porn bodies – Then you’d better move on. SavageTalonsMedia is Promoting Amateur Men that are Beefy, Thick, Muscled Guts, Mature Pups and Grunts.

It’s not all about what you look like, your age, how big your cock is, or just a certain body type. It’s a Man’s Masculinity that is Sexy!

I’m hugely on board with that. Except for the part about the pretty sets. I think that’s overlooked too much in porn, and that a return to scenic views and manicured interior spaces would be a welcomed upgrade to most scenework.

But I digress. I suppose the best way I can summarize all my feels about this guy is the way my underwear just spontaneously flew off of me the very second the soap from his hair cascaded over his permanently half-boned penis here:

Pito Savage, Gay, Porn, Bareback, BBC, Muscle, Stud, Black, Ass, Florida, Naked, Hard, Fucking


Pito. If you read this: Call me. I wanna hang out bro. You gotta help me with my chest workout.





  • Pito Savage
    Posted at 20:54h, 21 February

    hey its Pito here…Rick came across this and sent it to me as soon as he saw it….I want to truly thank you for all the wonderful positive things you have said about me AND Rick in you blog….I’m floored actually and speechless of how highly you spoke of me….bless you always man…and thank you so much again

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:07h, 22 February

      Yoo. ? That’s exciting! So kind of you to check in.

      And you deserve all of that praise. You (and Rick) are killing it in a way that not a ton of other guys are. That’s all.

      Keep it up bro.


      • Pito Savage
        Posted at 17:42h, 22 February

        good looking out man?

  • @tylerthebadwolf
    Posted at 12:09h, 13 May

    I’m never ever sad that folks are googling @Savage_Talons / Pito Savage and ending up watching this sexy mf’r: https://t.co/cRUkg3eg8y

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