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Clickbate: Joe is the BIGGEST Jonas

5 for the Weekend: Joe Jonas compares penis size with the rest of the brothers Joni, morning coffee and masturbation rituals, Bottoming 101, and what happens when 4 random dudes get boned up in a public bathroom.


Holy moly how is it Friday already!? This week has been ridiculous and I feel like precious little has been accomplished. This is also somehow the tenth one of these link roudups we’ve done here! So, here’s to the next ten!

This week we have Joe Jonas doing an AMA in which he was asked how big his dick was, how he lost his virginity, and why Nick Jonas’ nips are so big. There’s also a new video from one of my favorite XTube stars, HairyArtist, coaching you through bottoming tips (that is if you’re already bored of this Max Cameron/Bravo Delta XTube clip). Then PapiFachero shares how he spends his morning hours (hint: it’s very similar to my own morning rituals).

There’s also a really sloppy, beautiful, popper-fueled blowjob featuring Tiery B. staring directly into the camera while he takes his pleasure pounding. I’ve had it on a loop for about an hour now. Then finally, the result of four young dudes getting boners in a public bathroom: group jack action filmed on four different phones. Bless.

Let’s go:


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I’m headed down to DC for about a week tomorrow, so if I’m gonna see you there, get ready! I’ll try and keep up with posting while I’m there, but it’s gonna be a busy trip, for sure.

As ever, if you got links to share, the comments are open, and the About page has a special spot for sending me dirty shit. Check it out.





Other good stuff from this week:

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