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“I am a masturbator.”



Another edition of Monday Masturbators for you to think on! This guy comments here often and I follow him on tumblr, and my admiration for the way he talks about his sexuality and his penis knows no bounds. When I mentioned here the other day that I worry about losing touch with my sexuality as I get older, this dude popped in to remind me that it’s really up to all of us individually whether we allow that to happen or not.

So, I wanted to share a post from his site that I enjoyed and have sat smiling about each and every time I’ve read it through. Plz to enjoy:


I Am a Masturbator

There! I said it, and in big letters. It’s not only what I do, it’s who I am. I don’t go around proclaiming it; in fact, nearly everyone I know could not confirm the fact. I am addicted to masturbation in the sense that I need to masturbate as much as breathing and eating. I have always masturbated. I can’t remember ever not masturbating from a very early age. What I’m unable to perform is any sort of penetration sex. I’ve tried it; I simply cannot.

I love my penis. I love to masturbate. As God is in me, God is in my penis. God has given me an enormous gift in masturbation. I feel God’s presence when I masturbate. Masturbation is meditation. Masturbation gives me an exquisite feeling of bliss.

Masturbation is the highest and greatest form of sexual activity. Don’t let anybody tell you differently! There are many reasons for this, set out in another blog post. Most religions have it backwards. Vaginal sex for procreation is the absolute lowest form of sex.

Thanks to the Internet I have found countless other men who are (sexually) like me. There is a virtual brotherhood of addicted masturbators who self-define as solosexual. It’s a term that I never knew before finding it on

I never was able to ejaculate whenever I wanted to, and it has been a source of embarrassment. As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize that ejaculation is not the desired goal of masturbation. What is to be desired is the exquisite feeling that comes from stimulating the penis to a dry orgasm short of ejaculation. The other problem with growing older is maintaining an erection. You can masturbate a soft penis, but a hard one feels so much better. There science comes to the rescue. My doctor gave me a prescription for Viagra, which is quite effective. If you get it at the local pharmacy it costs a small fortune. There is a generic, Sildenafil, not available in the US but priced reasonably everywhere else in the world. It is wonderful! I obtain it from the UK through a Canadian pharmacy.

I am very happy. I keep up with my sexual needs. I masturbate for roughly two hours each morning in meditation. I masturbate each night before going off to sleep. I can usually find two or three times during the day when I can slip away for a masturbation meditation session. I touch and hold Penis while reading and watching television. I love the Penis masturbation life. It is a good, fulfilling, and happy life.

I am blessed. I was born to be a masturbator. It is a privilege granted to only a few men. I am proud to be what I am: solosexual, a chronic addicted masturbator.


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I got tired of seeing the squiggly red line under the word “solosexual” in this post, so I finally added it to chrome’s user dictionary. I look forward to the day when we don’t have to wonder whether that’s a legitimate term or not.


Thank you for sharing your masturbation, Richard. And for being an inspiration. You rock.

You can check out Richard’s blog at




PS – this should have posted yesterday, but for some reason failed to go off as scheduled. So pretend it’s yesterday, grab your penis, and soak it in with Monday Masturbator enthusiasm.

  • James
    Posted at 12:01h, 26 October

    I’m an older guy and I like these kinds of posts. Good reminders you’re right..

  • Stephen Waterstam
    Posted at 11:24h, 02 December

    I am a Solosexual as well. It is become a recognized orientation in the Asexual community because We don’t require other body orifices for Sex. My First intuition was when I was about 17. We weren’t much for coming out in the 1990’s about it but My first attempt was when I was 21 y/o when I had to come out to a JapanAmerican YW 24 y/o that I have not yet engaged in Sex but I was closeted and Shy but I had admitted to My Solo Penis Masturbation habit. She consoled Me that it was natural, everybody does it and it was all I need to do. She was not going to engage Sex with Me because of that Fact, I didn’t have an STD or I wasn’t pursuing Her that way but She was a bonafide HeteroSexual Woman who lost Her V-Card at the age of 14. I’ve had only been able to try and half Ass relate to the Mainline orientations. It was by 27 I had My first Pussy. Then till the age of 32 I stopped, in a natural way. II did not relate with being HeteroSexual because it was not how I was oriented. I had some HomoSensual experiences when I was Younger too. I did not miss Sex even after I was having it but I was having it, With Myself. There is merely a similarity between that of an Allosexual that masturbates and a Soloist. Allosexuals do it as a bumper to where a Solo does it as their primary activity. I started a group on Facebook Solosexuality Pride

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