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Internet Gems: The Porntone Swatch Book

This proves far more useful than my actual Pantone guide.


I hope I never stop being impressed by the dirty imaginations of boys on the internet. To wit: a clever nod to a guide that all graphic designers (or anybody who wants things to print with appropriate colors) should be familiar with, the Pantone CMS swatch book.

If you’ve ever tried to make GIFs out of porn before, you know it’s not as simple as it seems. Directors insist on handheld shots which make backgrounds and distractions wobbly and harder to crop out, performers refuse to stay centered, and one can never seem to get the file size down to an acceptable level, while including all the colors and frames one wants to see in a finished product.

So when folks do it real well, it’s worth noting. This gif series was produced (as far as I know – correct me in the comments if I’m wrong) by BoyMurcuryX (who you should be following immediately because dude’s gif game is on POINT) over on tumblr, and features some of my very favorite performers thoughtfully captured, cropped, and ID’d by their correct Pantone hex color codes. Behold the artful glory of the porn gif:



I may be in love with these.

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