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Clickbate: London’s Newest Penis Skyscraper

5 for the Weekend: London’s getting a huge new skyscraper with a familiar shape, a woman is going to prison for pretending to be a penis doctor, Florida news can’t deal with phallic things, and this beardo gives the most hypnotic blow jobs you’ll ever watch.


Man. Fuck this week.

But welcome to Friday. I don’t have anything smart to say about what’s going on right now, or what happened this week. I’m on a self-imposed news blackout for a bit (except for stuff that relates to dicks) so that I can catch up on my books inbox and think about other stuff.

But, as always, there’s dick stuff that I wanted to share with you guys, and if I can’t provide any other kind of comfort, at least I can offer distraction. In this week’s distractions, a woman who was not a doctor, operated multiple times on a man’s penis in a warehouse, and is now looking at 40 months in prison. A hot dude with big nuts lets his jizz land where it will. Like a boss. And a badass New York cocksucker provides some of the most hypnotizing oral action I’ve ever seen. He describes himself thusly: “No-hands specialist, I suck until it shoots and swallow it all.”


There’s also a giant penis mailbox that Florida is all pissed about, because Florida. And a great big new building is scheduled to be erected (!) in London, ostensibly based on a child’s drawing of a wang. Bless.

Let’s get distracted:


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I may head back to bed today. I don’t know if I’m up for “accomplishing things.”

But if you’re not ready for mid-morning naps, you can always skate back through the list of previous entries in the Clickbate pile.


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Other good stuff from this week:

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