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2 Awesome Penisbate Vids

Totally great for totally different reasons.


We talked a little bit in this post about the differences between watching somebody who is clearly a masturbator and somebody who is aggressively jacking off in a race to the finish line. Watching a dude settle into some solid penisbate is so gratifying and so much more erotic (that word sucks) to see.

Tumblr is full of both kinds of things, though if you are looking for great bate videos to stroke your own Penis along to, I can’t recommend Movies for Masturbation highly enough.

I came across these two videos separately and enjoyed them both on their own merits, so they’re not here for comparison’s sake. I just happened to have them open in browser tabs for a few weeks and thought it was time to share them with the world instead.

The first one is some dude I’m unfamiliar with, and who the source post didn’t reveal any further information. What I really loved about this vid though, was the caption that Dick-N-Ass Lovers posted about this video. It was just one sentence that said “Cum for us.” And it inspired so much extra fire in me, to imagine that the guy running this tumblr was sitting at home, just like I was, with his clothes off and his legs spread open, greasy erect penis in his hand, and feeling at one with this sexy young dude:





Watching the guy in the video masturbate his penis and experience his orgasm, with the gentle invitation to bust so that we all might enjoy it, really sums up the bond and the brotherhood of bate culture. There were no exclamations about this guy being “so hot” or “sexy” and no mentions of BBC. It was just a championing of him experiencing that feeling we’re all sitting around waiting to feel again. And totally beautiful to witness.

I’ve looped this dozens of times, and while I love watching his cum overflow, I love watching his face as he moves through this, trying and failing to stay neutral and cool about everything.



The second video is also a guy who is unfamliar to me, but is certainly someone with whom I would like to get real gd familiar.  He’s clearly just popped out of the shower (it’s still running in the background behind him) all wet and erect, so that he could film himself jacking with some dramatic spaceship bathroom lighting and a really clear view of his beautiful penis.




If you watch him closely, you’ll actually see him get harder and harder as he progresses and it’s really enjoyable to see his whole body contract and respond to his penis vibe. We all know I love a small dick, but I also love unique or special-looking dicks too. There’s really no wrong way to Penis, in my book. This guy has a long shaft and a really flared out glans that makes his nuts jump a little every time his hand glides across that ridge.

What I’d love more than anything from this bro is a video showing all of him, since he’s got absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and is already inspiring bunches of bators (23k+ notes on Tumblr, to date) to lose their nut with him. And if he wanted to get loud when the sperm flies, more power to him! I’d love that, too.


Not all bate clips are created equal and what I find appealing and what makes me hard/makes me cum seems to change all the time. It’s an exciting adventure to seek out new and weird stuff and watch how my bate responds to it.

If you’ve got favorite clips or sites you like to watch guys masturbate on, send ’em this way in the comments, so we can all enjoy!







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