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Breast Meat: Giving Thanks For Big Huge Pecs

Meaty pecs do strange things to a boy’s mind.


Oh, tumblr. I’ve blamed you for the introduction of so much weird shit into my world. But where would I be looking for huge testicles and sexy old dudes bulging out of their fucking pants without you?

This one shouldn’t even seem new to me, but I stumbled (as I so often describe how it feels to fall from tumblr to tumblr discovering each specifically-curated, fetish-based collection of images and video) into a world of giant pectoral tumblrs this week that left me feeling some new ways. I’ve never considered myself a chest man. I’m a lower body guy – always have been, always will be. I like thick dudes with thick legs and beefy quads and glutes. Even typing that made my dick twitch a little bit.

But seeing the full-page archives of both the Perfect Pecs Pervert, and Big Male Pecs tumblrs seems to have stirred a new fixation on huge male tiddies.  I’m gonna need to think on this more before I figure out exactly what my attraction to this kinda chest meat is, but there’s definitely something visceral happening in my mouth and my pants when I look at dudes with B and C cup muscle tits.

So in honor of Thanksgiving, and turkey-based wordplay, I pulled together a gallery of my favorite, and the most enticing pec pics I could find. These are the images that make me wanna get on the ground and do pushups (I’m already hitting 100 a day, but I guess I gotta up that shit if I wanna compete with these monsters). I present:


Breast Meat: Big Huge Tiddies





There’s a weird sort of narcissism that comes with homosexuality sometimes. I find myself desirous of the aesthetics involved in large pectoral muscles (especially where there’s so much meat that the nipples point downward. That is the ultimate, as far as I’m concerned), not on these guys. But I’m desirous of that kind of bulk on my own chest. More than anything what I get out of looking at pics and gifs like this is a drive to work harder on my chest days at the gym so that I can start to approximate some of what I find enticing here.

Like my fixation with bate culture, this is another sort of gay ouroboros, wherein I’m attracted to the thing I am (or could be). I should probably talk to somebody about that. That can’t be regular.


Happy Thanksgiving!






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  • James
    Posted at 11:24h, 27 November

    There is something impressive about a man with a big chest. Never been my strongest area but nice to look at

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  • Pectease
    Posted at 17:42h, 18 May

    I don’t know what I was doing last Thanksgiving to have missed this post. All of those pecs, good God! Those are great Tumblrs that showcase them, as well.

    Gonna have to get an ID of the pecs in the header…

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 09:00h, 20 May

      Hahaha. I still flip back to this post on chest days to keep my motivation in the right place. 😀

      As far as the header pic, that was just a Tumblr find. I wish I could tell you who that is (or find him so I could motorboat that shit), but he’s just another gif-d up Tumblr bro.


  • Michael
    Posted at 07:11h, 13 July

    Believe me: Your beautiful nipples are such a delight, no other one’s torso can cope with!

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:24h, 17 July

      Haha. Thank you. But imagine them placed on top of a big pile of pec meat like these!

      I’m gonna keep working at it.


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