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VIDEO: Made For you

I shouldn’t be left alone naked so long in hotel rooms.


I was genuinely blown away by how many of you had kind and heartfelt things to say about this video I made earlier in the year. I’m not a video guy, and I have no idea what I’m really doing when I make these, but it’s fun to run around naked in my suite and set this stuff up, and then get to share it with you guys here.

It’s especially cool to get to share with guys I don’t get to see very often (because they insist on living so very far away from me) and you know exactly who you are.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday if you live in the US, and gotten to spend some quality time with people you care about.


The password for the video is madeforme and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments or in my inbox. <3





The song is Niia’s Made For You, and if you don’t know about Niia, I insist you go and watch all of her videos. Her voice is enchanting and haunting, and she’s gonna be a big fucking deal one of these days (she’s already a big deal to me).




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[I don’t own the copyright to this music, I just found it inspiring and mood-setting. No infringement intended.]


Today is my beginning
My eyes finally see
A future with someone
where I fit perfectly.

And for so long I’ve waited,
heard your lonely call,
heard it across the ocean,
through a hundred-million walls.

And I was made for you,
And I was made for you.
And I was made for you,
of you, you

And arms to always hold you,
and eyes that never cry,
and I was made to love you,
Till the day you die.

And I was made for you,
I was made for you,
And I was made for you, ohh
for you, ahhh.





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  • L D/W
    Posted at 12:12h, 25 November

    Sweetly done. Very erotic. Also quite touching .

    • James
      Posted at 11:19h, 27 November

      I would agree. I was definitely touching something lol

      • tylerthebadwolf
        Posted at 13:24h, 28 November

        Listen, I’m not gonna complain about anybody doing that over me, lol.


    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:25h, 28 November

      You are very kind ??


  • The Intellectual Homosexual
    Posted at 15:22h, 25 November

    Yup. Totally touched myself the entire time. Very well done 🙂

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 13:25h, 28 November

      Hahahahah. Excellent. Mission accomplished.


  • James
    Posted at 11:18h, 27 November

    This is great. Really nice job. You look sexy

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 14:51h, 11 January

      Thank you, James ?


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  • Nick
    Posted at 11:24h, 29 November

    Wow…just…WOW. Beautifully shot and an extremely handsome guy

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 14:34h, 01 December

      Wow, thank you Nick! You’re so sweet to say that.


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  • Mike
    Posted at 20:13h, 02 December

    The video BlackSpark always wanted to make but was never capable of.

    My only critique: you should have lost the socks. I hate socks. Unless they are inside shoes, no use for them. Especially on such a beautiful man.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 21:30h, 03 December

      Wow, thanks man. I had never heard of BlackSpark before but looked up some of his work. I don’t totally understand what he’s doing or how I missed it the first time, but I’m definitely going to do more research.

      Thanks for commenting!


  • franco
    Posted at 16:31h, 14 December

    wooooow I love it!

  • franco
    Posted at 16:32h, 14 December

    Wow!I love it!

  • matt
    Posted at 03:14h, 19 December

    Lovely, sensual, NORMAL – if you know what I mean.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 22:31h, 22 December

      I don’t! But I’ll take it as a compliment ?

      Thanks, Matt!


  • dimitri
    Posted at 03:35h, 11 January

    wow, beautiful , music , lightning , body, everything , esp, ur eyes !!! thanks for sharing

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 14:52h, 11 January

      Haha. Thank you so much Dimitri. I’m glad you liked it. ?


  • Ross
    Posted at 09:36h, 10 August

    Just found this video, only because you plan to visit my city this month. Wish I could spend some time with you. Beautiful person, beautiful and very erotic video. Thanks

  • James
    Posted at 08:01h, 30 October

    So erotic and sensual. I have watched this a few times now, and always end up touching myself and penising. You are so beautiful and sexy, and sexual. But this video was more – much more. It was almost as if you were opening yourself up to all your followers, showing a side of you that I would almost say was vulnerable. And yes, there is a great amount of sexual desire in someone’s vulnerability.
    Wonderful Tyler – thank you.

    • James
      Posted at 08:35h, 30 October

      I just watch your Sunday morning video, but it seems the comment option has been turned off. Also a wonderful insight into you as person. Love your hair, and in both videos, love seeing you wear a cockring.

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