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The Joy of the Assist

It’s the second best thing you can do with your own paws and a penis.


It’s MONNNDAAAYYYYY again! I’m in Boston, MA this week, visiting friends and making new ones. And trying not to get arrested for parading around in front of the giant, street-facing floor-to-ceiling windows in my hotel room. But you know, if they’re gonna put the desk in front of the window, some folks on the street are gonna see me rubbing my boner. That’s just science. I don’t feel bad.

But since it’s Monday, and we’ve made a habit of talking about amazing masturbators on Mondays, let’s talk about some bone stroking that isn’t my bone in front of a window.

I posted this on Twitter





and it was shockingly well received there. Probably because anybody who’s gotten a really great, really focused handy jay can relate to what this dude is going through.

But also because there’s a lot of joy to be found in bringing out this kind of penis pleasure in another dude. Sometimes there’s nothing I like better than focusing all my attention on a bro’s big hard dong, instead of trying to keep both of us going, simultaneously.

One of my favorite X Tube’rs, Dr. Cum Control, has made a whole hobby out of dishing out intense and highly focused handjobs, and seems to keep quite busy filming the results. It’s strange to watch somebody engage in sexual interaction when all you ever really see of them is their arm and fist (with a big penis fucking in and out of it), but it really works for me when I wanna watch a big dick bust. This Dr. knows what he’s doing.


So here’s the higher quality version of that twitter clip, featuring a William Higgins model I’ve yet to identify (I’ve got a message out to Mr. Higgins, so if he responds, I’ll update this post with a direct link to the guy/page):



WilliamHiggins.com actually features a whole category of boss handjays here, if you’re looking for even more of this type of thing. I really love how this dude is totally going through it here, and it makes me wanna rub my own greasy cock along with him. So you’ll excuse me if I gotta run rn.


Here’s gifs!








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