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2016 Wrap-Up: The Most Popular Posts of The Year

It’s about to be a whole new year of penising and fucking!


And I say good riddance, 2016. As I’m certain most of us do.

As you’re probably aware, if you have a blog around this time of the year you’re duty-bound to compile some ‘best of’ lists to celebrate the year we’ve all just finished, and to give yourself some down time (because lists are easy and google analytics does all the hard work for me anyway). I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s been quiet around here this past week, which I won’t complain about, because it’s meant that my real job has been much much busier.

But in light of the switch from 16 to 17 that’s happening on Saturday night, let’s take a look at what you guys were most interested in the past 365 days. In order, here are the


Most Popular Posts of 2016


Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention














Well, regular readers, what did you think? Were you surprised by any of those?  I know I was shocked to see that German (or whatever he was) kid tugging on his dick in the mall all the way at number one! I can’t believe so many people checked that out in such a short amount of time.

It just goes to show you that this is still my playground, for better or worse, and I don’t totally pay attention to what people click most. It’s all just stuff that I love becuase I love it, and not designed to impress anyone else.

That said, I’m incredibly greatful that you guys keep coming back to check out the stuff I love and that you take time out of your lives to comment on it or jack along with me.


Stay tuned for the opposite version of this list (my favorite posts, analytics-free and ranked only by how much my dick enjoyed them) sometime tomorrow!









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  • James
    Posted at 23:16h, 29 December

    Happy new year Sexy 🙂 keep being you

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:48h, 30 December

      Awww! Thank you, buddy! I’m totally gonna.


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