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MCM: Derek Bolt ⚡

We never do a Mancrush Monday around here, do we?


Mancrush Blog, MCM, Man Crush, mancrushblog.comLet’s say I was inspired by the recent redesign of the Mancrush Blog to talk about hot boys for a minute, instead of just chucking penises at you guys like usual. If you don’t know MCB, but you like hot, mostly-to-entirely naked boys, I highly recommend popping in there every now and then. Thier mission statement is pretty near to my heart, too, since I strive to do something sort of similar here (just not as fixated on ‘hot guys’):  The Man Crush Blog was conceived out of the idea that there are plenty of websites, magazines and places where one can go to celebrate the beauty of women but few sites that do the same for men.

Hooray for celebrating the beauty of men! I’m into it.

I was dismayed, however, to find that when I went to the MCB to look up details about today’s crush (because I’m lazy and someone may have already done the hard part for me!), there were none to be found!


Mancrush Blog, MCM, Man Crush,


What gives Mancrushers? Haven’t you heard the good word about Derek Bolt (whose name I almost can’t bring myself to type without the little⚡ lightening bolt emojo)?

I can’t remember where I first came upon Derek. He was just one of those delightful twitter things that I saw somewhere, thought “I’d follow that…” and then discovered that we were already somehow mutual friends. Which… who am I to complain that a hot guy is aware I exist. That’s cool.

Then he started faving things that I posted and RTing things and I was all “hmmmm…” about it. But again, who am I to complain?

Eventually we got to talking on DM and then text and it turned out that in addition to being all muscly and porny and looking v v good naked, he was also sort of clever and charming, too. And then he posted this:


Tyler, Badwolf, Tyler the badwolf, Nude, Underwear, Naked, Twitter, MCM


and then we were bff’s for life. Or something.


It was yet another accident of tumblr that I came across what’s probably my favorite photo of Derek, which was the real inspiration for this post.

I mean. You guys know I don’t care about a b-hole pic. We’ve certainly covered that enough in all these posts about ballback. But, as someone who’s had quite a few photos taken, I’m always envious of guys who can do things in pics that I can’t seem to pull off. You’re never gonna see a photo of my butthole where I’m smiling AND look cute, and still muscly somehow. I don’t know how to spin that many plates at one time. So I’ll leave it to the professionals.

That photo, though, lead me to discover that Derek had done one of Mark Henderson‘s patented hot/naked muscleboy shoots a while back. He’s wearing that wet shirt, and sloshing around that same pool and even wearing those (what I have to assume are, like, communal) socks Mark gets everybody into. It’s delightful.

Derek’s body looks absolutely disguuuuusting here, too; dude is shredded as shit and I’m sure this will be what I’m thinking about the next time I’m in the squat rack, just doing my best to keep up.





MCM: Derek Bolt ⚡


If you haven’t seen more of Mark’s work (I’d be surprised. If you like naked men Edendale Studios is pretty ubiquitous), I highly recommend it. He has an incredibly distinct style that sort of blurs the lines of erotic and fine art photography (most especially in some of his implied nudes). Mark’s world is one of high contrast, bright color, and clearly defined muscularity. You won’t see any of the hairless Helix Studios boys in that pool any time soon.

I’ve always been curious why a major adult studio doesn’t try to scoop him up specifically create an aesthetic for them that would be as identifiable and highly sexual as his own work is. So many companies producing adult work now really treat photos as a second or third tier element, necessary only to promotion.  With someone like Henderson behind the camera, the photos could become their own little works, suitable for print or publication independent of the film. COLT used to do that sort of thing very well: they made great hardcore pornographic films, but they also had guys who knew how to be good models, and photographers that knew how to build upon an existing visual aesthetic, and take supremely gorgeous photos that would live on far beyond the films they often accompanied.

But, I digress.

Derek is sweet and charming, in addition to looking like a big muscly puppy. There’s something about him that makes you sort of want to use him like a big down blanked on a cold rainy day, and just snuggle up with a Derek on top of you and go back to sleep for a while longer. It’s nice. Inviting. If it’s possible for a pornstar to come off as wholesome, Derek Bolt might be pretty close to that.

You should follow him on Twitter here. And also Tumblr. And probably some other places.

And you should definitely go check out his “Desert Getaway” scene for Falcon, with my Mancrush Everyday, Gabriel Cross. For no other reason than that it features the single most adorable/ridiculous photo of GC I’ve ever ever seen:


Gabriel Cross, Porn, Escort, Naked, Hard, Bottom, Muscle



Happy Monday, gents. Derek.

Back to regularly scheduled masturbators tomorrow.









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  • james
    Posted at 10:33h, 07 March

    Derek is hottest when he bottoms

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:18h, 08 March

      Is that true?! I don’t think I’ve seen it…

      I’ll have to ask him to show me sometime. ?


  • Aaron
    Posted at 20:32h, 28 December

    I could fuck with Derek all night long

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 14:24h, 31 December

      Awww. You should tell him that. He’d like that. ??


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