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Story Time: “Pumping Up”

What Handjobs Magazine does best: faux uncles, joyful athletic sex, and how to learn from your elders.


I’m having a hell of a Monday today, and it’s been a pretty busy weekend, so you’re getting a new entry in the Story Time category, brought to you by the magic of Handjobs Magazine.

This was one of those stories (I’ve read them all) that I completely forgtot about until I was looking for something to post today. Scrolling past the gorgeous, full-color Michael Mitchell illustrations, I couldn’t help but stop and wish these shining, muscular men, so pleased with and able to share their bodies with each other, were in greater attendance at my own gym. I might be making more progress on my massive chest goal if I had my own “uncle” Ross to get me ‘pumped’ up.



Pumping Up

By Jody Watson [Handjobs Magazine | April 2003]

Illustrations by Michael Mitchell


I had recently joined a new gym and was trying to pump up my pecs and biceps. I wanted to make the football team at school next year, but Coach had told me I was really going to have to bulk up before he’d put me on the team. “You’re fast, Watson. And that’s good,” he told me. “But if you don’t get some more meat on those bones, the big guys’ll crush you to a pulp.”

Fortunately, I really enjoyed going to the gym. Although it was officially a co-ed gym, there were hardly ever any girls there. It was a real “guy” place. And that was a good thing. A lot of times, I’d be in the middle of my workout and my cock would flop out the leg of my shorts. I guess I should have been wearing a jock, but none of the other guys seemed to bother.

Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Worktout, Fitness, Muscles, Gym, Coach, Fucking, Story, Yellow Shorts, Weightlifting, Michael MitchellI figured I’d have to talk to Mom about getting me some new workout shorts. My favorite yellow ones were getting to be way to small. I had been wearing them for the past two years, and I guess I had done a lot of growing in that time. Unfortunately, none of that growing had been in my chest and arms.

But a lot of growing had taken place between my legs. I was sort of proud that for a kind of skinny little guy, I had developed a big, fat cock and a pair of balls to match. I just wished they were easier to stuff into my yellow shorts.

One day I was in the locker room getting ready for my workout, and I noticed a really buff older guy that kept going back and forth in front of the open locker room door. I hadn’t noticed him there before, but there was something about him that made me feel all funny inside. He had close cropped hair, a smooth body and lots of BIG muscles.

As I was struggling into my shorts, I looked over my shoulder and thought I saw him wink at me. I kind of smiled back at him, and he nodded his head in greeting, then disappeared into the weight room.

I noticed that I wasn’t the only one at the gym that needed new workout shorts. This guy had on a pair of red trunks that were so tight I could see his cock and balls bulging out the leg opening.

Once I finished packing myself into my shorts, I headed for the weight room. The older guy was still there on the weight bench, just finishing a few reps. He had started to sweat, and his muscles really gleamed under the thin coat of perspiration.

I stood there staring at him for a few seconds, then he sat up on the bench and said, “Hey, son. How’s it goin’?” My mouth was dry, but I managed to croak out, “Hey, mister. I’m Jody.”

“Hi, Jody. Ross Owens. You been working out here long?”

“A couple of weeks, I guess,” I answered.

“Oh, that explains why I haven’t seen you around. I’ve been out of town.”

I went on to explain to Mr. Owens about how I wanted to be on the football team and that’s why I started working out. He offered to help me out and show me a few routines I could use to get more out of my time at the gym.

Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Worktout, Fitness, Muscles, Gym, Coach, Fucking, Story, Yellow Shorts, Weightlifting, Michael Mitchell“Let’s see how much you can lift, Jody,” he said getting up off the weight bench. I took his place. The bench was still warm and kind of sticky from his sweat. As he passed by me, I could smell his manly scent. I felt my cock starting to stir in my shorts. Down, boy, I thought. I had enough trouble keeping it in my shorts when it was soft. I didn’t know what would happen if I started throwing a boner.

Mr. Owens had me lie down on the bench. He removed some of the weights from the barbell.

“Let’s start you off with a hundred pounds. Does that sound about right, Jody?” he asked.

“Yeah. That’s what I’ve been doing,” I answered, reaching up for the bar.

“I’m going to spot you, just to be safe. Grab the bar, lift it straight up, then bring it down to your chest.” I did like he said as I watched his crotch come into view over my face. I was really getting a good look at his nutsac, the way it pushed out of the sides of his trunks, but what was really getting to me was the aroma wafting down from his crotch. It was sweaty and musky and funky. I could feel my pud start to thicken again.

I tried to concentrate on lifting the barbell, but all I could think about was Mr. Owens’ packed crotch. I groaned as I lifted the weights.

“That’s great, Jody,” he said. “Can you feel it in your biceps?”

“Uh huh,” I grunted out as I thrust the barbell straight up from my chest. That wasn’t the only place I could feel it. Much to my embarrassment, I could feel my cock starting to snake out the waistband of my shorts, but there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I couldn’t drop the barbell, and even if I did, Mr. Owens would for sure notice my hardon if I tried to stuff it back inside my shorts. I could only hope that he’d keep his mind on spotting me and not notice the drooling head of my cock pressing against my bare belly. I hefted the barbell back into the air again.

“Good boy!” said Mr. Owens. “You’re doing a great job, Jody.”

I glanced up at him, and to my surprise, noticed that the head of his cock had escaped his shorts, just like mine. It had gotten hard and pushed its way out the left leg opening of his trunks. There was even the tiniest silver drop of precum poised at the tip. Mr. Owens was getting turned on too!

“You can let go now, son. Jody … Jody! It’s OK to let go now.”

I had been so mesmerized by Mr. Owens’ hardon, I hadn’t noticed that he had lifted the barbell back into the bar catch above the weight bench.

“Oh … uh … sorry,” I said. Mr. Owens came around and straddled the bench in front of me. I sat up right. Our knees were almost touching.

“Do older guys turn you on, son?” he asked very quietly as he rubbed his hand over the darkening mushroom head of his cock. I hadn’t really ever given it much thought up to that point.

All I could say in response was, “You turn me on, Mr. Owens. Your big, strong muscles, the way you smell ….”

“My big, hard cock?” I blushed all over again and looked at the floor.

“Yeah … I guess so. That too.”

“Say it, Jody. I want to hear you say it.”

I looked back up at him and said, “And your big, hard cock, too. I like your big, hard cock.”

Mr. Owens chuckled. “Well it looks like you’ve got a pretty big cock yourself, for a little guy like you.”

That just made me blush more.

He leaned over and put his hands on my knees. “Why don’t we hit the locker room. I’ll show you some ‘exercises’ we can’t do out here.”

We both stuffed as much of our hardons into our shorts as we could, and I followed him back to the locker room like a lost puppy. When we got inside, he shut the door and locked it.

“What if someone else wants to come in?” I asked.

“You really are new to this gym, aren’t you, kid,” he said. “Those boneheads are gonna be out there all afternoon cruising each other. Besides, they know what it means when the locker room door’s shut. We’ll be OK as long as we don’t take too much time.”

From the sound of it, I had a lot to learn about working out at the gym.

Mr. Owens wrapped his big arms around my shoulders and gave me a kiss right on the lips. As if that wasn’t surprising enough, he then pushed his tongue into my mouth. I thought I’d cream my shorts right there, but before I did, he broke the kiss and we separated.

Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Worktout, Fitness, Muscles, Gym, Coach, Fucking, Story, Yellow Shorts, Weightlifting, Michael Mitchell“You like big muscles, huh, kid?” he asked.

“Yes, Mr. Owens.”

“Now that we’re getting to know each other better, Jody, why don’t you call me Uncle Ross?”

“OK … Uncle Ross.” It sounded funny at first, but I knew I would get used to it.

He pulled his trunks off, and then pushed mine down over my hips.

We stood with our hardons pressing up against each other. “You know, if you keep working out, you’ll have big muscles like these to go with your big cock,” Uncle Ross laughed. He flexed his bicep for me, and I couldn’t help myself; I had to kiss it. Then I started licking it, and before I knew what was happening, I was licking him all over – even his crotch and his asscrack.

“Fuck, Jody! You’re a natural. You’ve never done any of this shit with another guy before?”

“No, sir,” I responded. “But I wanna do it with you. I wanna do anything you tell me to.”

“That’s the spirit son,” he said. “You just let your ol’ Uncle Ross show you how to take care of a man.”

“Tell me what to do,” I begged.

“You ever been fucked up the ass, son?”

“You mean cornholed? No, Uncle Ross. Some of the guys at school are always joking about it, though,” I said.

“Believe me, son, it’s nothing to joke about. I wanna get my rod planted up your ass in the worst way. It’s probably gonna hurt you a little at first, but I think you’ll really like it once you get used to it.”

Uncle Ross did everything he could to get me ready for his big fuckstick. He lay down on the bench in the locker room, and while I sucked his big cock to get it wet, he licked and sucked and spat on my butt hole, all the time working his fingers in and out. He had me loosened up and ready to take my first fuck pretty quickly.

“OK, baby,” he said. “I think the easiest way for us to do this is going to be for you to squat down right on my pole. Now bring that sweet ass of yours up here and let’s get you fucked!”

Handjobs, Handjobs Magazine, Worktout, Fitness, Muscles, Gym, Coach, Fucking, Story, Yellow Shorts, Weightlifting, Michael MitchellI stood up and straddled his hips. I slowly began to squat down over his hard cock. He cupped my butt cheeks in his hand and spread them apart as I felt the wet tip of his rod touch my quivering hole. I looked into his eyes, and he nodded. I bent my legs a little more. I could feel the head of his cock began to enter me. I slid down a little more and felt some resistance. I didn’t think it would go in, but Uncle Ross told me to take a deep breath. When I did, he thrust up with his hips. His fat cockhead popped inside me. I gasped! I felt a sharp pain, but it was immediately followed by a warm glow that radiated through my whole body. I slowly slid the rest of the way down into his lap.

“When you feel like you’re ready, Jody, I want you to put your feet up here …” he tapped his thighs, “… and let your weight rest on my cock.”

I did as he told me. He leaned forward and said, “Oh yeah, baby. Ride Uncle Ross’s big cock. Lemme pump you full!” Then he kissed me again with his tongue. I ground my tongue against his as I ground my ass on his rod. It was incredible, and before I knew what was happening, I felt him going off in my hole. The throbbing of his cock as he unloaded inside me pushed me over the edge; I spunked all over his muscular belly.

My legs were too weak to walk. He carried me into the shower and washed all the cum off of both of us. He even stuck a finger or two up my asshole to make sure he got all of his cum out of there.

I was glad I not only had a new work out buddy, but also a new uncle who was willing to teach me all about pumping up.




I should get to the gym…







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    Posted at 21:27h, 20 March

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