The #21LoadChallenge Halfway Point Check In

It’s weird how much sperm this is when you’re keeping score!


I’m totally floored over how many of you have emailed, tweeted, DM’d, or messaged me on Tumblr to tell me that you were participating in the #21LoadChallenge with me this month! I’m so amazed that everyone was so very on board with this, and I hope you’re checking out the stuff that I’m posting on Tumblr when I’m jackin it solo.  This is just a quick recap of those posts (we’re at just over halfway now!), in case any of you needed any inspiration or missed anything we’ve covered so far.

Got your boner ready? Let’s go!

The #21LoadChallenge Halfway Check In



There will be a new post up tonight too, and it’s one of my favorites so far. Be sure to check the #21LoadChallenge tag on my tumblr every day for whatever I lost my nut to the night before. And tag me for reblogs and congrats.

You guys are amazing!







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