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Dry Orgasms (Parts 1+2) | Via the BatorBlog

I can’t do it *yet* but I’m gonna figure it out!


I finally logged back into Bateworld this week after a months-long absence (caused only by my fear of my overflowing inbox) and was pleased to discover lots of good, new, useful information on the Bator Blog! What I’m reposting here can be found there (part 1 and part 2), and was compiled by rockstar masturbator and penis guru, Bruce Grether. I’ve featured some of Bruce’s work here before and encouraged you to seek out his site, cause this guy knows about penis masturbation.

We have different styles, to be sure, but I’ve found his wisdom to be immensely helpful and his videos to be so filled with genuine joy that it’s hard not to immediately imagine we’d be friends.

Anyway, his essay on learning how to differentiate your orgasm from your ejaculation has fostered in me some new desires to learn how to pull this off. I think it might get you trying, too!


Dry Orgasm Masturbation Techniques


March 16, 2017 / by Bruce P. Grether

via thebatorblog.com


How would you like to have as many orgasms as you want without having to wait to get over the after-effects of a full-blown ejaculation?

I’m hovering along what some men call the “edge,” that is very close to ejaculatory inevitability, where the sensations are indescribably sweet and powerful; then I exert a little inner relaxation of a muscle—the opposite of a contraction—and I tip over into a full-blown orgasm without ejaculation! The intensity like a supernova exploding in my brain means I need to remove my hands from my penis for a few seconds…

However my arousal and erection both remain glorious beyond words, and soon in the midst of that exquisite oblivion, I carefully continue towards my next orgasm…

Men are capable not only of learning that ejaculation and orgasm are not the same things. We are also capable, with some self-training or help from a masturbation coach, of having dry orgasms one after another, even a series of multiple male orgasms.

Dry Orgasm, Ejaculation, Hands Free, Bate, Masturbate, Bator, Bator Blog, BateWorld, Bruce P Grether, Phallic Brotherhood, PenisThe only reason males think orgasm and ejaculation are identical is that as teenage boys having our first ejaculatory orgasms, the two experiences tend to happen simultaneously. The big secret here is that they are not one and the same. Of course, when you do ejaculate, that’s usually the end of your pleasure, at least for a little while, an interval called the “refractory period,” until your desire for more gets strong enough to resume stimulation of your penis. Still, you can orgasm without ejaculation.

What I really wanted was to be able to linger in those exquisite states of what I call pure penile pleasure (p3) indefinitely, for as long as I wished…Understand please, I’m not opposed to ejaculation, and like most men, I find it a fantastic experience that truly cannot be described. However let me confess that all through my teens, twenties, and thirties, I masturbated every day, often at least two or three times, to ejaculatory orgasm. I’ve always adored masturbation since I first really figured it out! However, over the years I began to suspect there might be more to it: what I really wanted was to be able to linger in those exquisite states of what I call pure penile pleasure (p3) indefinitely, for as long as I wished to be there and savor the enjoyment.

Not until shortly after my 40th birthday did I have a breakthrough, when I discovered how to get into p3 and stay there for long intervals.

The basics are simple, but not necessarily easy at first. Excellent masturbation is like a sport that you need to practice and practice. You can reach unbelievably sweet spots, with dedication and persistence.

The first part of this training is to pay full attention to what we’ll call your “pee-stopper” muscle, which lies inside you just behind the base of your penis, at the bottom of your prostate gland. The prostate sits under your bladder, and when you take a leak, you have to relax your pee-stopper muscle.

So I suggest that any time you pee, such as when you get up in the middle of the night to take a leak, notice where this tiny ring of muscle is, within your pelvic floor. In other words, relax it and pee, then contract the muscle and stop the flow of urine, then start it again, over and over, to get a sense of where this muscle is and how it feels.

By increasing this simple awareness, you’re on your way to dry orgasms or even multiple male orgasms, and next, I’ll tell you exactly how to get there.



Part 2


In Part 1 of this blog I suggested you practice starting and stopping the flow of your pee when you really need to take a leak—notice carefully where is that tiny muscle in your pelvic floor behind the base of your penis that you relax to pee, that you contract to stop the flow. Stop and repeatedly start to learn exactly where that muscle is.

Your body is designed to function one of two ways at the crossroads of the pee-stopper located just below your prostate gland: you are either peeing, or you are ejaculating. Normally you cannot do both of these at the same time.

So the second part of this practice to experience dry orgasms and possibly multiple male orgasms, come when you are masturbating. This is a challenge of fine-tuning, and not so much a feat of obsessive control, as of paying really, really close attention to your level of arousal, and then using your ability to relax that pee-stopper muscle at just the right moment. This can reward you beyond your wildest dreams!

The moment you are looking for is very close to what men call the “edge,” and if you tip over that edge—as you know well!—you cannot back off from ejaculation. You want to hover and stay close to that edge, then RELAX that tiny pee-stopper sphincter in your pelvic floor. NOTE: You are telling your body you want to pee by relaxing this muscle at that moment when you would otherwise easily tip over into ejaculation. Normally the muscle contracts when you start to ejaculate, so in this way, you “fool” your body.

At this point of balance, as you relax that tiny muscle, your body and brain can tip over into a full-blown orgasm, but without ejaculation… you may need to pause in stroking or even remove your hands for a short while… only lo and behold, if you get this right, you will not ejaculate, will not lose your erection, then soon you can continue.

Dry Orgasm, Ejaculation, Hands Free, Bate, Masturbate, Bator, Bator Blog, BateWorld, Bruce P Grether, Phallic Brotherhood, Penis

The process works basically the same for all men, but we are individuals, both in biology and experience, so don’t obsess with any expectation, just know that if you keep practicing and paying attention, you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Some men learn this fairly easily, and others need to practice for a long time to get there. Some men even learn to experience a series of non-ejaculatory orgasms, like a firework show that just goes on and on, or you may enter a state of orgasmic intensity that seems to go on forever. I experience this last one quite often.

Regardless of exactly where you go, the journey feels truly spectacular, and all it takes is dedicated practice at your self-pleasure. Sometimes, of course, masturbation coaching in how to achieve dry orgasm by a skilled Phallic Brother can also help. That’s what Phallic Brotherhood is all about.

The possibilities of p3, or pure penile pleasure, truly are limitless!



Dry Orgasm, Ejaculation, Hands Free, Bate, Masturbate, Bator, Bator Blog, BateWorld, Bruce P Grether, Phallic Brotherhood, Penis


Bruce’s optimism in both parts of this was what really got me interested in seeing what I could achieve myself. So often, cool masturbation stuff I see (handsfree cumshots, hours-long edging sessions, etc) is accompanied by the idea that “oh, well that’s just how that one guy’s body works,” and resigning myself to just feeling lucky I can ignore my refractory period as well as I do.

While Bruce does acknowledge that everybody is different, the root of what he’s talking about here is based on muscle control and learning to monitor and mediate your ejaculation response. That’s something that is less relegated to one specific person’s body, and more, like Bruce says about “practicing and paying attention.”







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