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Masturbate With Your Friends: Corbin Fisher Edition

Because it’s Monday and I like when people do this stuff. 


It has been a little quiet around here the last week, eh? That’s on me. Sorry. I’m easily distracted by Easter candy, and I’ve had quite my fill of it this weekend. So let’s get on with the strokin, now that all the candy’s gone, yeah?

Our last Monday Masturbator was this Fleshlight Turbo kid that turned out to be professional Cockyboy Beau Banks stealthily tryina sell us some Fleshlights. Not that anyone is complaining, because I could watch him work that D all day long, Fleshjack or not. Today, though, let’s turn our attention to another favorite topic around here: buddybate.

So much porn, especially featuring guys like the ones in this video we’re about to watch, is so fixated on the kissing/oral/fucking/cumshot formula that when a scene drops that deviates from that, it often ends up holding a special spot in my heart and brain. I don’t have any good historical facts about this Corbin Fisher scene (I don’t know when it’s from and I don’t have any idea who these dudes are), but I’ve watched it for a few years now, since one of my favorite bate movie tumblrs posted it here.

This scene struck me from the first time I watched it, mostly because of how casual and natural it seems. There’s nothing about this (except that it’s being filmed) that seems overly performative or adhering to any kind of script. If the camera weren’t doing all this wonky, MTV-style movement, one might be convinced that this was just an incidental afternoon jack off amongst friends.




Nobody seems to be assuming any roles; there’s no top or bottom or submissive or dominant action. They start off all working their own dongs, until Uncut Bro offers to share his bate sleeve with Guy I Might Have Gone To High School With Bro. They gently sort of masturbate each other for a bit, until GIMHGTHSW Bro takes over the sleeve and UC Bro slides in next to him. There’s some kissing, which is cool, but not really the point, and nobody seems real focused on anybody else’s pleasure.

This is the magical narcissism of shared bate like this: you’re doing it with other guys, and sometimes for them, but ultimately it’s entirely selfish. It’s about you and your penis and your orgasm and you being seen and you being lusted after. It’s a cool feeling, and distinct from the egalitarian ideals of proper sexual interaction. The sort of thing that only works when it’s two (or more) boys and not a boy and a girl.

The ending feels a little staged, and it’s funny to watch GIMHGTHSW Bro sort of lazily fondling his deflating penis and trying to figure out where to look while he waits for UC Bro and Forgot He Was Here For a Second Bro to get their respective nutts. But it’s still mighty magical to watch some guys share something like this. Even if it is just porn.


Masturbate, Masturbate With Your Friends, Jack Off, Buddybate, Penising, Corbin Fisher, Jocks, Uncut, Toys, Watch, Kissing, Sexy, Cum, GIF


I never like to promote piracy, so if you’re into what you just watched, you should go give Corbin Fisher and Friends some money. Or at least some bonus traffic. And if you know where this scene comes from, who these guys are (or how I can link to this directly on CF), give a shout. I’m always happy to update when there are new facts.

And if you’re from Corbin Fisher and you’re reading this, don’t report that post and get it pulled. It’s a great commercial for the sexy guys you feature and the cool penising they do with each other, even when it’s not hardcore spitroasting or DP stuff.


Happy Monday, bators.




UPDATE: A Corbin Fisher superfan got in here and sent me an awesome email claiming that these guys have individual names (Seth = Forgot He Was here For a Second Bro, Trevor = Uncut Bro, and CadeGIMHGTHSW Bro) and identifying this scene as a remix of 3-Way Suck Fest, with all the suck-festing edited out.  Thanks, buddy! I’m so glad guys like you pay attention to my ramblings here and keep me well fact checked. ?




  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 14:53h, 02 August

    #1: Find yourself friends to penis with. It’s the most important thing you’ll do.

  • John Sebastian
    Posted at 09:35h, 17 November

    Enjoyed doing circle jerks in early teens. Still do. When in SFO on certain days of the month I attend a J/O party. Sometimes my partner and I like to jack off together as an alternative to our usual lovemaking routine. I like to watch him masturbate and want him to show me his favorite strokes. I copy him so we are masturbating in tandem. The other night, however, he told me to lie on top of him (both face up). He jacked me off while fucking me. Very HOT, particularly since he came in me as I was erupting in his hand. We agreed I’ll do that to him next time.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:26h, 20 November

      Very awesome, John.

      Thank you for sharing!


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