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10 Luscious, Beautiful, Cartoon Male Butts

Because men are totally beautiful and aren’t always presented that way. 


I’m a leg man. Always have been, likely always will be. I love penises and beards and nipples and all the other stuff, too. But if you’re a dude with big thick quads, or a massive, muscular butt, the first thing I’m gonna think about is what it would be like to have you smush my face with those legs or that butt. Just look at my tumblr if you’re ever unsure about what makes me tick.

Anthony Varrecchia, Mature, Male, Naked, Muscle, Nude, Penis, Shower, Venfield8, Art, PhotographyI’m also a fan of masculine beauty. That one’s a little tougher to corner, objectively. But the essence of it is that I love when masculine men are presented in beautiful, thoughtful, sensual (what a terrible word!) ways. That’s what was so alluring about this Anthony Varrecchia photoset by Venfield8; Varrecchia was presented as beautiful and captivating without being feminized or youthacised into some passive, hairless muscle stud.

I love finding that sort of masculine beauty in art too. It’s certainly prevalent in many of Dale Lazarov’s works, including this one about hairy, muscly, bulgy country music cowboys. But it doesn’t seem to be the standard way to present men in illustration. Much cartoon and illustrative work tends to reflect the same 20-something, ultra muscled, oft-hairless bodies that mainstream porn has hypnotized everyone into believing they ought to covet and strive for (not to mention feel badly about when they can’t possibly achieve the steroid and photoshop-fueled peaks that Falcon would have us believe are just ‘regular’).

So it’s always a pleasure to share finds like the work of my new friend, Manu.  He messaged me this week when he stumbled across my pinned tweet featuring what I just assumed was an original work from a tumblr I admire, but which turned out to be one of Manu’s drawings that had been strangely reworked without his knowledge or permission:


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Now, what’s ‘copyright infringement’ and what’s meant as a ‘tribute’ or ‘parody’ is a pretty murky area, but to my mind it’s just straight weird to take someone’s art, line for line, reshade it, add a caption, and call it your own. Which is clearly what happened here. They didn’t even alter the body position or shadow patterns even slightly. Just changed the skin tone, pasted in a different head, and said “look what I did!”

But, the upshot is that it brought Manu’s work to my attention and boy does it suit all that stuff about beautiful masculine butts I was talking about up top there! His tumblr is chock full of hirsute men (often characters from video games or popular culture) who are rendered in smooth, luscious colors, and seemingly only temporarily confined by their clothes or uniforms. Proud, prominent erections feature heavily, as do prideful grins and gleeful sexual stimulation. This is exactly my sort of thing. Manly men who engage in pleasure-focused sex with other manly men and aren’t worried about whether it’s “naughty” or “dirty” or forbidden. It’s just fucking cool.

Here are the most beautiful butts from HF-Guy’s cast of gorgeous men (featuring appearances by Christopher Meloni, Wolverine, Snake from MGS, Rashid from Street Fighter, what might be an alternate universe Paul Ryan, and a couple of Instagram models for good measure):




You can find more of Manu’s men on his tumblr, and you should follow him on Instagram for some of his best work. He’s also on twitter as @hf_guy.


I’ve had an erection the whole time I’ve been staring at these guys, so I gotta go do something about that. Happy Saturday!




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