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Slow Motion Sperm Showers

It figures that this guy is ridiculously hot and only made this ONE thing ever.


Just a quick update today, since I’ve got a full day before I head down to Washington tomorrow. Since it’s a Monday, why not feature another Monday Masturbator? This is the best 1:06 you’ll spend all day, and I’m completely in love with this fucking showoff sperm splatterer:


Slow Motion Sperm Shower


I mean, if that doesn’t get your mouth wet, and your penis leaking, I don’t know what it takes for you. I’m RTG right this minute and typing this with just my left hand. This is a guy who definitely doesn’t need any lessons in how to cum like a king. I’d give anything to take a trip to the woods with this bro and just paint the town… erm… trees.

I’m gonna go work out that easy one, and you’re gonna follow this beautiful, beautiful dude on tumblr and instagram.


Woof. Everybody should make a slow motion cumshot at some point in their career.




The original here.

  • @tylerthebadwolf
    Posted at 19:36h, 16 May

    This might be one of my top favorite things anyone ever did with a penis and a camera.

  • @tylerthebadwolf
    Posted at 23:47h, 16 May

    Slow motion nutt and public jack off times. This video is THA best. ??

  • james
    Posted at 10:44h, 21 May


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