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10 Beautiful Bate Chair Photos

Eternally the best chair in your home. 


I love the concept of the Bate Chair because it’s so universally male. So many of the things we talk about here ought to be that way (and many are without any public acknowledgement) but end up relegated to the domain of “gay” or “bisexual/curious.” Which is weird because we don’t actually talk about a lot of ostensibly “gay” stuff here. Definitely not culturally “gay” things. It’s just penises, and all of the cool things they can do; the undervalued specialness of being male, and taking pride in your pleasure and desire.

The Bate Chair, though, is far more ubiquitous than most of our topics of interest here. It’s that chair that guys have that lets them play with their penis in the most natural, slouchy, comfortable way possible. Arm rests are off to the sides so that they don’t prevent leg spread (a necessary component to slouchy bate chair bate), and there’s back support that allows you to rest your shoulders while you push your pelvic bone forward and penis yourself into oblivion. These chairs are usually pretty abused, and solo gentlemen like myself often are unconcerned with a little bit of “me” splashed here and there on the seat, arm, or headrest.

Every cam guy who knows what he’s doing has a chair like this and you’ve seen them hundreds of times without realizing what you were looking at.

If you’re at a friend’s house and you spot a rolling office chair with some peeling leather, or well worn seat fabric, and some mild discoloration in the space at the edge of the seat, between the thighs, odds are good you’re about to sit in their bate chair.

So here’s to you, boys masturbating your penises in front of the computer (so, all of us), with your ruined Office Max furniture, and your proud spread leg displays.  Here’s


The 10 Most Beautiful Bate Chair Photos



If you’ve got a bate chair at home that you love, I’d love to see it! Shoot me a message and lemme know what your penising digs look like.




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