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“We Bare Bears” – The Best Cartoon You’ve Never Seen About Gay Bears

Not the big, hairy, kind you find in Province Town, but the big, hairy kind you find in the woods.


And, just right at the top, I should say they’re not actually gay. Well. Maybe. It’s not totally clear.


You’ll forgive me for the lack of posts around here lately. I’ve been exceptionally busy this last month, and I have no idea why. I’m not complaining, but it’s definitely taken away from the time I spend each day in my bate chair, looking for stuff to write about here for you guys. But work is work, and I will take it when it comes!

I’ve also been traveling a little bit this summer, too. As I’m sure you noticed from my poster and beach towel collections. I got to see Indiana, Chicago, Tampa, and shortly New Hampshire, all in a quick span. Since I don’t have proper television at home (just Netflix/Hulu/HBOGO), I rarely get to see commercials or strange, new cartoons that aren’t specifically targeted for a man in his late 20s. But when I travel, all bets are off and I watch as much TV as possible! In Indiana, I learned that there is a new flavor of Pepsi out in Real America, called Pepsi FIRE  which is flavored with cinnamon, and sounds completely horrifying.

In Tampa, I learned that television news is now just people reading you what they saw on the internet the day before and prefacing it with “so-and-so reports that…” instead of journalism or original reporting.

But in Chicago, I watched a cartoon I had never seen before, featuring three anthropomorphic bear ‘brothers’ (even though they’re different species), trying their hardest to live like people in San Francisco. Now, maybe it’s the Bay Area theme, or the fact that I look at too much furry porn, but we weren’t two minutes into We Bare Bears before I was googling various iterations of “we bare bears naked, gay sex, penis, bear penises,” etc., to see if I was the only one getting hardcore homoerotic vibes from these well-intentioned but often bumbling bears.

I was NOT. God bless you, Rule 34.

Much of the fan art I discovered had to do with the bears’ relationships with underage humans and all of the Japanese-style weirdness that comes along with that. But that wasn’t of particular interest to me. What I found central to the story of these bears and their adventures was this intimate, caring, and more-than-brothers relationship that the three of them maintained with each other. And lucky for me, lots of people with illustrative talent also saw what I was seeing and have crafted artworks showing the bear brothers expressing their love for one another through their bear penises and ballback areas. And that’s my kinda love.


We Bare Bears: Too Hot To Bear





I recommend watching this show, even if they’re clearly editing out all the gay sex scenes for tv. It’s endearing and sweet and aware without being self-conscious. Plus it’s just got some real sexy bears in it. If that’s your thing.




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