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Contemplate Your Penis

“Mental masturbation; I think it’s time to use my fist.”


If you follow me on tumblr (which is how a lot of entries here seem to start) you’ve probably seen me tag beautiful photos of men lost in thought as they gaze down at their genitals, with #ContemplateYourPenis. But I’ve never really discussed it further than that. It seemed self evident to me that there would be value in the thoughtful adoration of your penis and what it means to you. I realize, though, that not everyone around me has such a ‘omg it’s so OBVIOUS‘ view of penising or sexuality in general.

Contemplating one’s penis is a component of mindful masturbation, and doesn’t require any special meditations or rituals.  It’s highly likely that you have spent time alone at a some point in your life, staring at your penis, watching it tumesce, and thinking about what it means to you. Even if it is shallow thinking, along the lines of, “boy, it’s sure fun to rub my penis until I cum!

When I remind readers to contemplate their penis, I’m really just suggesting that you make some time to think about how your penis looks and what significance it has and has had in your life. Instead of realizing in the bath that you’ve been doing it by accident, en route to a bath jack sesh, build in that contemplation to your masturbation rituals. Any good bate audio is going to be heavily focused on saying words like “penis” and “dong” again and again, in an effort to make you recite those words along with the recording as you fixate on your own dong. But it’s possible to do it quietly, in isolation as well.

I personally really like to think about my penis when I first wake up in the morning. I always have a profound erection on waking and it’s a great start to a day to look downward and hold and stroke my swollen penis while I think about the dreams that got it to this state, memories of other times I’ve been proud of it, or people with whom I’ve enjoyed sharing it. I normally don’t cum from this kind of attention, but that sort of isn’t the point here.

The point is to consider the ways that your penis acts as a joint or connector to others in the universe. Unlike any other part of you, it is made almost purely for pleasure and for connection. It is a way for you to physically become part of someone else, and/or to share intense, internal pleasure with others who see the value and beauty in it. Our societal constraints prevent men from sharing this part of their body with other men with great regularity, but the men who have found their path to that sharing are beacons of healthy openness and encouragement of pleasure. That’s the whole crux of Bateworld – men sharing their penises and their masturbation for the pleasure and encouragement of other men. So that we can see that we’re all the same stuff. It’s incredible.

If partnered sexual interaction isn’t your bag, then consider the ways your personal solo pleasure, and your willingness to share it via the internet, contribute to the pleasure of others watching and reveling in your joy. That is just as significant.

There is great value in altruistic penising; sharing and showing your masturbation to incite and encourage the masturbation of others.

This is all to say that, even without my elaborating on what I mean by #ContemplateYourPenis, others have taken it on board and spent time in thought about their penis and what it means to them and what it means, cosmically/universally, and then write about it, so that we might all grow from their contemplation. I came across this piece from one of my favorite Solosex tumblrs, MelbourneBator, and knew I had to share it here (with his explicit permission, of course:


Contemplate Your Penis

Contemplate Your Penis, Meditation, Penis, Bate, Penising, Melbourne Bator, Jacking, Cum, Mental


Today I am contemplating penises, their form, their function, their meaning. The biological impetus of penis is to push deep inside a woman, and sufficiently stimulated, a penis ejects semen forcefully to impregnate and begin life, if all goes well. A truth to be acknowledged, however, is that not all penises on the earth at any one time need to fulfil this biological function. We simply do not need every person on earth to breed any more. To do so is irresponsible and overpopulating is causing a huge and irreparable damage to the earth. So where does that leave the penis? Is its form and function annulled? Most definitely not.

Some penises are attached to men who have sex with men. Making babies is not the point here. Gay men exist on earth for societal and indeed biological reasons different to heterosexual people. In this way penises are used as pleasure instruments. Their solid form feels good massaging inside other men. Ejaculating sperm in this way is symbolic rather than biological. A gay man’s ejaculation could be read as a grateful acknowledgement to his partner. Thank you for sufficiently stimulating my penis to its ultimate. But what is borne of that ultimate if it isn’t the beginning of life? There is a reason why the euphemistic words for sex is “making love.” From the act (should) come great feelings. Feelings of affirmation and worth, feelings of gratitude towards others and appreciation for your body and life itself. In a way what is born of this ejaculation is happiness.

I am not sure it’s proven that happiness and pleasure extends life, but it surely gives meaning to life, which sometimes is begging for it. So here it can be seen that the penis is a symbol of hope. Hope that better days in our day to day existence are possible. Now, I have for some time eschewed the notion that having a partner is necessary at all. I find this culture stifling in its insistence that only partnered individuals are whole. Partnering or marriage is a historical, cultural construct designed around one person looking out for the survival of another. The idea of “love” is more a modern construct. In the past there was marriage and there was lust. So this idea of partnering can be seen for some to be completely archaic. We do not need to be partnered any longer in order to be fed, clothed and sheltered. So if we, as the new march of solosexuals, argue that we do not need to be partnered, what then becomes of the penis?

The form, the function, the meaning of the penis for the solosexual man is turned inward. Bators often talk of love for their penis. It gives back to them. Stimulating an erection by hand produces intense sexual pleasure as strong for solosexuals or even stronger than partnered, penetrative sex. Solosexuals get themselves off in entirely satisfying ways. Though there have not been studies, I would argue the strong possibility that solosexuals have more frequent sex and for longer durations than men who prefer partners. So the penis here becomes symbolic for freedom. Freedom against strictures that have been proven false. It is a kind of freedom to choose, or a freedom to make yourself happy, not relying on the permission or actions of others.

When I look down upon my penis this morning, I see all of this contained in it. Giver of life, pleasure rod, liberator. I can see why whole religions have sprung up around worshipping the phallus. It makes sense to me why all men look upon their penises when they ejaculate. Even after decades of masturbating, men’s eyes are still drawn to the majesty and spectacle of male orgasm. Penises carry so much power. Please, if you are blessed with one, use yours for good.



I think that is an exceptionally thoughtful and beautiful meditation on his own penis, and how it relates to the penises of all men. It’s such a pleasure to follow him on tumblr.


Make time for yourself, to really get naked and see your penis. Think about what it means to you. Hold it. Stroke it. And feel all of the sensations that it provides you, both physically and emotionally. It’s important. Your penis matters.



  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 16:32h, 24 July

    My #contemplateyourpenis hash on tumblr has inspired some guys to do just that. Which was the whole point. ?

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  • Justin
    Posted at 01:23h, 29 January

    What is this “bate audio” that you’re referring to? I’d love to hear it. I love listening to music and erotic audio while I’m bating.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 18:29h, 04 February

      There’s lots of this type of thing out there, but I wrote a little post about it here: Voicemail By Penis, discussing the phenomenon of bate messages, vs actual voice-on-voice stuff.


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