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Monday Masturbators: Two Great Bate Videos

Awesome and enjoyable for two totally different reasons.


Woof. It’s been a rough weekend here in the US. I think everybody who has spent time worried about what’s going on in Charlottesville and North Korea could use a little vacation from the daily horrors of the news. And I’ve got just the thing.

On Mondays, we talk bators. And, while I’ve shared tons of videos here about guys who I think are fun to watch masturbate, I don’t always talk about why that is. It’s not that I consider myself overly picky about what I jack off to (I’m really, really not), but some things naturally just turn me on more than other things.

There’s always this great moment when I’m watching videos where I know that I wanna cum with the dude in the video. No matter where I am on the hill of climax, these moments make me go “oh yeah. Yep. I wanna bust with this guy.” Even if that means watching the video a couple of times over, just so we can line it up right.

This first video is an XTube find, and I’ve followed this guy there for a number of years. He’s not somebody that I check in with all the time, but every few months I’ll think “hey, I wonder what ActivoAzul has been up to?” and go watch all of his latest films. He does a lot of fucking clips, and while those are ok, he really shines in his solo stuff. This guy is a true masturbator and it is obvious that he gets so much joy in making himself cum for you to watch:



I mean… that’s great, right? Watching him get really deep into it, rubbing his chest and huffing on those poppers has me rock solid right now, and I’ve already busted to this video twice!

But it’s that beat at 2:51 where his nutt starts spilling out and he looks into the camera – his face caught between OMG CUM IS POURING OUT OF ME OMG, and a broad, prideful smile – that tipped me right over into blasting my own sperm onto the ground.

Tres excellent:




The next video comes to us from a rando on Tumblr. I’ve seen this one go by a few times, and it’s never properly sourced to the actual dude in the clip. I’m sure this is part of a much longer video, and this guy is too comfortable and too good at this for this to be the only thing he’s ever produced.

That comfort and that confidence is exactly what I love about this video. There’s something ultra-authentic to this scene, in that he’s not presenting this or trying to show off in an unnatural way. This is how guys look when they’re masturbating for the second, third, fourth, time that day. You aren’t rolling around on the floor having ass-shaking orgasms each time. You know exactly how to get to cumming, and once it starts happening, you don’t need to yell or grit your teeth or close your eyes.

In fact, this guy stays completely fixated on his penis almost the entire time he’s watching his sperm pour out:



Now. He’s obviously rather empircally hot, and seems to be at least moderately aware of it. Which makes his willingness to share this kind of penising with the internet really special. He isn’t jacking off like a porn star and isn’t going “ooooh! Ohhhh yeahhhhh!” while making duck lips. He’s doing the kind of playful, specific (watch him grease up just that frenulum with precum), and sometimes weird masturbatory stuff that guys really DO when they beat it.

And watching him stare down at his penis while his sperm bursts out feels like a really natural and special moment:




I’ll never get tired of watching guys who know their penises and know their pleasure show off online. I think it’s incredible the distance that we’ve already come in the last ten years in breaking down some of the stigmas around sex and masturbation. Guys like these (and my eternal hero, Proudbator) are such a magical contradiction to the ‘roidy, unreal sex of mainstream gay porn. They aren’t living or performing from within the confines of their role (bottom, top, jock, twink, etc). They’re just real men, with real bodies, proud of how it looks when they masturbate.


That’s fuckin great.








As always: if you’re one of the guys featured here, and you want not to be, I’m happy to remove ASAP. Just reach out. But know that I will still admire the fuck out of you for sharing in the first place!


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