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Cockrings: Every Day

Cockrings are a stimulating and enlightening way to celebrate your fuckin’ penis.


Tyler the Badwolf, Cockring, Penis ring, Fort Troff, OxBalls, Mr. S Leather, Ball StretcherAnybody paying even marginal attention to this blog and my general penis affections, knows of my long-standing love for cockrings. Last August, I wrote a whole post about my (then much smaller) cockring collection, and my decision to mount it on my wall, instead of hide it in a box in the nightstand.

I want to talk a little bit today about the why of cockrings. One the things I speak with more guys about is “why?” Everyone wants to know “why do you wear them?” There is an assumption, especially amongst cockring newbies, that they are pseudo medical devices made for old people who can’t get or keep natural erections anymore. But that hasn’t really been the case since the 1980s, and, even though they are sometimes still prescribed in conjunction with vacuum pumping or PDE5-inhibitors, cockrings have taken on an existence all their own. Even their (shockingly detailed and specific/accurate) wikipedia page makes multiple mentions of that.

Many (I mean like a LOT) of my friends wear them almost daily, which is what prompted me to start my #CockringsEveryday hash on tumblr. I have hundreds of photos tagged in there that I’ll share at the bottom of this post. It goes without saying that they can be fun during sex or masturbation – and we’ll talk more about that in a minute – but there’s also a vague element of penis pride involved in wearing them casually, daily. That’s been my personal M.O. since I got my first one in high school (you can go check out which one that is here). I realized when I first put it on, that after my raging boner subsided, I just liked wearing it. I liked the way it felt to think about my genitals whenever I stood, sat, or moved quickly. It kept my focus, ever so slightly, on my penis, even when I was fully clothed.

The more time I spent wearing a cockring, the more I started to think of my penis as a natural, integrated part of my entire life, instead of just this thing I interacted with when I pissed or was horny. This is a distinction that a lot of masturbators arrive at, as they learn about how their genitals relate to every facet of their existence, instead of just to the FUCKING and PISSING parts. Really experienced ‘bators might not even remember what it was like to have that internal divide between their body and their penis. Guys without a lot of sexual experience, or for whom masturbation has been shameful, secretive, or dulled (often due to shame and secretiveness), tend not to think about their penises when they aren’t viewing them or touching them. This is a weird internal dichotomy when you consider the prevalence of sexual content that we’re all confronted with every single day.

Consider that for a moment: one might spend their whole life engaged in a society for whom the Penis is a defining element of masculinity, all while deliberately ignoring their own penis out of shame or fear. It would be so simple to relegate sex, masturbation, and everything that goes along with to the zone of “well, that’s not for me.”  All because they never learned how to see their penis as an integrated part of their physical being. As much as their arms or legs might be.

This goes part and parcel with my infamous rant about no longer making any efforts to conceal the prominent bulge my own genitals often naturally produce under my clothes. Hiding your penis through clothing designed for that exact purpose and interacting with it only during sexual engagement, or when you urinate, teaches young men that their own bodies are bad and distressing to others. Even in the face of the intense, omnipresent pornography with which we are confronted daily in America.


Sex is everywhere and necessary and you should be thinking about it and having it all the time, but also your body is disgusting and offensive and you should make every effort to pretend your penis doesn’t exist. 


Imagine what your life would be like if you knew (really knew it) from adolescence that your penis was as natural, acceptable, and useful as your arm or your hand. That you could masturbate or have sexual interactions with others without it being life-changing or a threat to your afterlife.  Think of all the wasted time that you could have reclaimed trying to secretly make it bigger through exercises or pills, and all of the pleasure you could have experienced exploring solo and with partners because you weren’t disturbed or intimidated by another man’s penis.


As I said earlier, cockrings are also great for pleasure enhancement, and genuinely do block (primarily) the dorsal vein along the top of the penis from returning the blood (which has engorged the erectile tissue, producing your proud boner) into the rest of the body. This does maintain a more prominent and often harder erection, which – while thrilling on its own to see and feel and hold – is also a great step towards a really pounding ejaculatory orgasm.

The wearing and learning to adjust to the feeling of cockrings can be a great tool for contemplating your penis and what it means to you; how it integrates into who you are as a person, and how you engage with other people through or in spite of it.





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It is my sincere hope that, if you’ve never owned or worn a cockring, that you will start some exploring and begin to develop a collection. Some words to the wise: anything you can buy from Doc Johnson or California Exotics is likely going to let you down. That’s amateur hour. Anything called a c-ring or c-strap is designed for straight guys who are afraid that even reading or uttering the word ‘cock’ is going to make them gay. Straight-focused cockrings seem to treat the penis as a very secondary part of sexual interaction and often include vibrators or attachments designed to stimulate female genitalia. That’s fine, if that’s what you’re into. It just isn’t what we’re talking about here.

OxBalls is a very reliable designer and retailer, and the Mechanic ring is a great start to learning to love cockrings. And it goes without saying that Gear Essentials is going to become your lifelong favorite, since all the produce is incredible penis accessories made by and for men who love their penises. Their site also features a lot of useful FAQ items for people just getting started with their products.


I’d love to answer any questions you may have about cockrings, and I hope you find one you can wear every single day to remind you how special your penis is.


I love your penis, Tyler the Badwolf


  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 16:49h, 12 October

    Because it’s an FAQ: Here’s a thoughtful diatribe about why you should wear #cockrings to learn about your #penis:…

  • @cfker1987
    Posted at 19:21h, 12 October

    Outstanding blog about cock rings

  • Paul Rosenberg
    Posted at 02:16h, 13 October

    I love the penis awareness that accompanies all-day cock ring wear. My husband needed me to explain it as his relationship with his penis different from mine… which is 100% reasonable in real relationships. I’ve also found no reason to hide my cock ring in the locker room of the very straight gym I frequent. It’s simply part of my daily experience and a way of demonstrably honoring my penis for myself.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:05h, 13 October

      I love that you really get what I talk about here. I can’t tell you how reassuring it is that other men see what I see in these experiences and value the same sorts of things.

      Thank you for being part of this, Paul. Your husband is a lucky man to have someone like you to learn from (and vice versa, I’m sure).

      Your penis is awesome.


  • James
    Posted at 03:44h, 13 October

    Another great blog Tyler. Ahhh cockrings – I love them and have been using/wearing them for the last 20 years and agree that wearing them has always brought focus to my penis being more than just an anatomical appendage. For me, the relationship with my penis, and penises of all men, have become paramount in my life. My life’s philosophy has been centred around my penis and the pride and connection I have with penis. It has shaped who I am and what I believe in.

    The cockring does not only have its practical use of affording prominence to my cock, but provides the outward evidence of the eternal lifecycle between my penis and my sexual nature, thoughts and behaviour. The cockring also seems to enhance the relationship between my penis shaft and my balls, making them both equal in importance.

    In addition, as you have mentioned, wearing a cockring helps to bring attention to your self through the prominence of your buldge. I cannot understand men today who want to hide the obvious symbol of male sexuality – I want to advertise it and be proud of what I have between my legs. The different cockrings I have, also reflect the mood and energy I have at any one particular time and place. The pleasure and sensory feelings of a wide metal cockring compared to a beautifully crafted leather and stud cockring also goes a long way to expressing what I am feeling on any one day.

    My cock deserves to be acknowledged all day, every day and by wearing a cockring I bring my penis to the front of my conscious thought on a constant basis.

    Once again – thanks Tyler for expressing so eloquently my mirrored feelings on cockrings and penis.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 15:06h, 13 October

      This is like poetry ?.

      Thank you so much for being part of this discussion, James. You rock.


  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 14:00h, 13 October

    Really pleased with feedback on this, AND that I was able to sneak in endorsements for @oxballs + @GearEssentials

  • Lukas Daken (@LukasDaken)
    Posted at 14:19h, 13 October

    Cockrings: Every Day | Badwolf/Blog

  • Tyler Dårlig Ulv (@tylerthebadwolf)
    Posted at 20:07h, 27 October

    @vivalatony I can! Both @oxballs and @GearEssentials make some stellar options I talk about here:

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    #IWillNeverUnderstand how someone with a penis could live a whole life without a #cockring.

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