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Sunday Comics: Jiraiya’s “Caveman Guu”

Oblivious to the roles and rules of sexual engagement, Guu is probably a lot happier than anyone he knows.


This is a short Sunday Comics post today, as we get back in the swing after a month’s absence. I know via google analytics that these are some of the top posts that bring people into this blog, and I’m so glad for it. Especially when it’s the Handjobs comics, featuring work by artists like Josman, Bruno, and Julius.

But it’s good every now and then to spread our attention into stuff that we maybe don’t know as intimately as we do those storytellers and the daddy/boy stories they tell. As frustrating as I sometimes find it, I am fascinated with the in medias res nature of so many one-shot mangas, and today’s story fits right into that slot; a fast-moving tale of a (very) sexually active caveman, with no expository information about who he is, when this happens, or where he’s been before this story. I checked! It starts right off with hairy, bareback, outdoor penising.

The details that are revealed in the reading of this story are heartwarming and dear and exactly my cuppa: Guu is a caveman, who has a lot of rough, ultra-masculine, uninhibited sex with his “casual friend” Don, and rides around his countryside on Cavebear Kuu. Kuu is sentient and sarcastic, and gets the best line in Anne Ishii‘s thoughtful and clever English translation.

After learning that he won’t likely be having any children via all the M/M fuckkin’ he’s been doing, Guu encounters and rescues a female who, upon declaring that Guu is “big and smells good,” offers to bear him some children. Just like that.

Jiraiya’s “Caveman Guu”



That’s an excerpt of the first part of Caveman Guu, available from Massive Goods.

I’m eternally enamored of stories that take place a slight alt universe where the rules and social constructs that we have built up around sexual engagement simply don’t apply or exist. That is where stories like Caveman Guu, or Josman’s daddy issue stuff, or Seizoh Ebisubashi’s Shibata-san and the Tanuki flourish, allowing their characters to act out their desires on one another without emotional harm or the crushing weight of the meaning of stimulation/erection/penetration/ejaculation. It just IS. These characters just ARE. Their erections and pleasures just OCCUR, without necessitating analysis or eliciting profound change (there’s no “what does this SAY about me/us?” in the minds of Guu or his “casual friend” Don).  I love that. I live for that sexual simplicity.


Massive Goods publishes and sells the Anne Ishii’s English translation of Caveman Guu. You better believe it’s already on my wishlist. There’s something really special to having a tangible edition of something like this; it’s superior to any digital or scanned-in version. Also, follow Massive Goods/Gay Manga on twitter. They do beautiful work with beautiful work and are entirely deserving of your attention and money (especially since they donate part of it to the ACLU/URGE).


Happy Sunday.




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