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Sunday Comics: Julius’ “The Hardon Twins & The Mystery of the Golden Cockring” Part 5

The Hardon boys infiltrate their target and find exactly what they were looking for all along.


Julius Toons, Private Collection, Hardon Twins, Mystery of the Golden Cockring, Incest, Twinscest, Illustration, Graphic NovelWe’ve finally made it to the second-to-last installment of the Julis’ epic The Hardon Twins & the Mystery of the Golden Cockring! If you’re just joining us for this, don’t expect me to catch you up in this post! Pop back to the first installment and start at the beginning. Too much has happened since the boys’ father started encouraging his growing boys’… er… growth.

We’ve been talking about this comic for quite a while on here, and it’s been interesting to read it, write about it, take an extended break from it, and then come back to it to read and write about it again. I keep finding new nuances and things that stand out as significant where they didn’t before.

Julius’ writing seems to have changed at least a bit towards the conclusion of this story. There are word choices and stylistic moves that make it sound almost as though he were not a native English speaker. Because there isn’t a lot known about this artist/writer/illustrator, I had just presumed he was white and spoke American English. It’s an interesting bit of Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon that since I’ve noticed it, I’m spotting ‘not quite exact English‘ choices all through the comic.

But it does little to hinder my enjoyment and I’ve already made a splooshy mess of the floor under the desk in my office this morning pulling the panels for this post together. The last panel in this edition of the story holds some special significance for me and was one of the reasons I chose this particular Julius toon to serialize here.

Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

The patriarch of the Khalife family (which seems to consist of only men, somehow) is describing the significance of the activities the Hardon Twins are now bearing witness to, and says, watching his son hold and aggressively penetrate his school friend, “You may think that we are simply gay, but let me show you that the ceremony serves a real purpose.”

The “real purpose” is revealed in the final chapter. But is ultimately just something of an elaborate justification for the Khalife men to live their life outside of the interpersonal societal boundaries placed on average men. They use the ceremony and weekly ritual gatherings as a way to demonstrate affection and care for one another, without restraint and without the hetero-imitative roles that M/M sex sometimes adopts. There is no ‘active/passive’ or ‘top/bottom’ or ‘male/female’ nonsense in the way the Khalife men relate to one another. They express and address need and stimulation fluidly, and allow their bodies to be used in service of their brothers’ (both literal and figurative) need and stimulation.

There is no talk of these men being defined by their sexuality (as we know it in a modern context – gay, straight, bisexual, etc), and indeed these men – as imagined and written by Julius – are likely not gay, nor even strictly homosexual. They are simply sexual, and have willfully ignored the confines of their roles as fathers, brothers, cousins, or friends; they are men first, and their fraternal care for the men in their social group is far more defining than any preference or propensity for MM sex.



Here’s Part 5 of:


The Hardon Twins and the Mystery of the Golden Cockring


by Julius

based on a story suggested by Chuck Dixon


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins, Comic, Incest, FamilyThe twins were excited by the suggestion of Chief Collins and the follwing day they hurried to his house after football practice. Chief Collins introduced Fred and Jody to Ray Khalife and he looked perplexed when he saw the boys.

“Gosh, Chief. You said the boys could help but they are awfully young and I think youngsters shouldn’t be involved with my problem,” Ray said, embarrassed.

“Of course it’s up to you, Ray, but I assure you that you can trust them with your secret,” Carl said.

“But Chief, how do I tell about my problem to youngsters like these?” Ray said, confused

“You can tell them what you told me. They know the score,” Chief Collins said and Ray had another look at the boys.

Suddenly his big cock started to harden.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

“My son, George, will be initiated into family traditions in ten days. A few days ago, I took the cockring to see that it was alright. It was tight, but it fit my cock and made me feel great.* I had it on all night to get used to its tightness. I took it off when I had a shower and as I returned, it was gone. I looked everywhere, but I could not find it,” Ray said.

Ever since they had arrived in Carl’s house, Fred’s eyes were fixed on Ray. He was absolutely gorgeous and Fred saw that he sported a hefty hardon.

“May we see where the cockring goes, Mr Khalife?” he asked, and Chief Collins supported him. With trembling hands, Ray opened his fly and freed his big cock.

“WOW! George is in for a real treat,” Fred said, and took Ray’s beefy cock in his mouth before Ray could do anything.


*That’s a pretty apt description of what cockrings should do for you, in general. It’s nice to have a character lay it out that way in a story like this. 


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Ray saw that Jody was undressing Chief Collins and the big man did nothing to stop him.

“Drop your pants, man. You are in for a treat that you won’t soon forget,” Chief Collins groaned while Jody was eating his meat.

Ray did what Chief Collins said and stretched himself out on the floor. Fred crawled between his furry legs and began to lick his towering cock with gusto and glee.

“I made a copy of the ring, but all my brothers are jewelers and they would instantly see that it’s a copy. To demonstrate how it works, I could put it on,” Ray said, bemusedly, while Fred devoured his rock-hard cock.

“I’m sure the boys would love that. To solve the mystery they would need all the information they can get. To see how it’s used will surly be helpful,” Chief Collins moaned while Jody sucked him.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

In awe, Fred watched when Ray put the cockring on. It squeezed his might cock into a big monster.

“The ointment is inserted into the ring by pressing the biggest stone and it leaks out when the rectum squeezes the stones. It lubricates the man’s cock as he fucks his son and also the boy’s rectum, making him feel immense sexual pleasure in the process,” Ray said while taking off his shirt.

Fred saw him totally naked now, and his erect cock was throbbing out of sheer lust. Fred was sure he wouldn’t need oil of Khat to fully enjoy the illustrious monster.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Ray stretched Fred out on the floor and supported his bare butt with a pillow. For a while he gazed at Fred’s hot hole with burning eyes and then shoved his big, glistening cock in. With a couple of deep, penetrating fuck strokes, the ring started to leak and the ointment slowly lubed Fred’s chute.

IN a few moments it penetrated his guts and every stroke of Ray’s massive cock felt simply divine as it move back and forth in Fred’s tight chute.

Heaving hard, Ray plowed Fred’s butt and his eyes were half closed out of extreme enjoyment while Fred milked his inflamed cock with unusual ability.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Ray climbed on top of Fred to be able to use every inch of his big cock and Fred howled in ecstasy when Ray’s massive cock started to rub his prostate. The plump, bloated head opened Fred’s chute to the end and pumped air out of his lungs with vigorous thrusts in increasing velocity.

Ray’s strong buttocks gave immense force to his thrusts and the weight of his nude body made Fred’s eyes roll in ecstasy while Ray’s sturdy cock attacked his deepest spot with fierce energy and gusto. They were both out of reality when a stunning orgasm hit them and made their bodies spasm with its force. Hot creamy semen gushed inside Fred in heavy torrents and Ray’s brawny body convulsed violently with every new explosion.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

“You were right, Chief. I believe that these boys may solve the mystery,” Ray said, when he pulled on his pants. “Every Saturday we have a men-only evening in my house. The boys could meet all the men of my family there and judging by what has happened here, I can promise that everyone will eat out of their hands,” Ray said.

The boys were eager to go and it was agreed that Chief Collins would bring them to Ray’s house that following Saturday.

“The cockring isn’t that valuable, but it has been in the family for ages and every man has emotional ties to it. I must get it back soon or I will be in deep trouble,” Ray said as he left.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

After Ray was gone, Fred and Jody discussed about hte case.

“Since the cockring wasn’t valuable but nothing else was stolen from the house either, we can exclude burglary. Whoever took the cockring was aware of its purpose and therefore it must be someone in the Khalife family,” Fred and Jody agreed.

Chief Collins listened to them for a while but then his cock became stiff again, and he clicked a remote controller. A porn movie he had watched the other night soon captured their interest and the massive cock of Chief Collins got the attention it deserved.

Kneeling in front of him, Fred licked it with gusto.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

“It’s getting late and tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Perhaps we should hit the sack,” Chief Collins said and stood up. His massive erection made the twins swallow and they were ready to join him. Fred and Jody knew how to keep a man in a right mood and let their undies fall on the floor teasingly slow.

Gazing at their bare butts forced Chief Collins to swallow and his big cock grew even bigger in anticipation of hot fucking.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

That was exactly what he got.

After the visit of Ray Khalife, the twins were ready for him. Chief Collins held Jody in his strong embrace and thrust his wet tongue into Jody’s mouth. He squeezed his nude body against Chief’s hot muscular body and, while Chief Collins fucked his mouth with his slick tongue, Fred sucked his erect cock.

Soon Chief Collins shoved his everhard cock in and plowed his smooth butt with zeal and gusto. While Jody moaned in his lusty embrace, Fred increased his virility by sucking and licking his fully loaded ball sack.

During the short intervals between fierce fuckings by Chief Collins, the twins talked about the Khalife case. Chief Collins answered their many questions and that kept him wide awake too.

Finally, Carl placed Fred and Jody on top of each other and opened their rosy butts with his sturdy key. The boys forgot everything about Ray Khalife while Chief Collins penetrated their butt sand fucked them, unexpectedly alternating from a hole to another until they both heaved and trembled out of ecstasy. His strong hips gave power to hsi thrusts and his massive cock moved rapidly back and forth in both holes until an explosion of hot, gooey cum covered the spasming butts of the young detectives, simultaneously.


Ray Khalife lived on Crotch Hill in a sumptuous house surrounded by the houses of his cousins and brother. On Saturday, Chief Collins took the boys there as agreed.

“Perfect timing,” said Ray, as he opened the door. “Everyone is here and anxious to meet you guys. Let’s go down to the basement,” he added.

Fred’s mouth felt dry when he gazed at the brawny body that a tee shirt more revealed than covered. He followed Ray to the stairs leading to a spacious gym in a the basement. There was a dressing room and a shower behind a heavily bolted door and then the spacious gym itself with tiny windows high up close to the ceiling. But Fred didn’t see that.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

His eyes were fixed on the two men undressing in the locker room. Like Ray Khalife, they had a Near-Eastern look, with tanned skin and dark hair. They were most generously endowed and their attention was fixed on the boys ray had brought in.

“These are my cousins, Bernie and Daniel. Say hello to my guests, Fred and Jody,” Ray said. “I can see you like them already,” he added, pointing at their crotches. Their cocks were expanding fast and lifted the big, turgid heads in steady erection.

“Welcome to Crotch Hill, boys. There is a lot of fun available for boys like you,” Bernie said, revealing his cock.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Then Ray guided them inside the gym. It was full of men and boys of different ages, nude, all of them, and mostly adorned with a rock-hard erection.

“Ever since we left Lebanon, it has been our tradition to ensure that every new generation is capable of carrying family treasures into safety. The older generations must regularly check that the holes are large enough to encompass a mature man’s fully erect cock, which is roughly equivalent to the size of our gold bars. We Khalife men are hung big,” Ray said and the boys could confirm that. There were no small cocks in the gym, but the Khalife boys didn’t seem to worry. The biggest monsters visibly fascinated them.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

There were about twenty hunky, nude men in the gym, all fabulously endowed. The twins hadn’t seen so many nude studs at the same time, and they were anxious to see each man and his gorgeous cock. The men didn’t mind their nudity or the big, protruding cocks which fascinated the boys. They gazed at Fred and Jody with unveiled interest and their hefty cocks stood at firm attention.

Bernie found Fred and helped him undress while here and there the impatient boys were fondling and sucking the massive cocks they wanted to test. Jody got a huge, throbbing erection.

Gazing at the gorgeous hunks, Jody didn’t notice when Ray stripped off his clothes and pulled Jody in his arms.

“It’s time to introduce you to the Lebanese cockring,” he murmured in Jody’s ear while opening his pants. “Everybody here is initiated to that except you,” Ray said.

Jody hardly heard what he said because Ray’s massive cock had totally mesmerized him with its bold looks. He leaned against Ray’s nude body and didn’t resist while Ray revealed his throbbing cock. He saw that the studs around were gazing at him with unveiled lust but Ray was all he could think about and that stiff virile cock in front of him.


Ray pulled up Jody’s T-Shirt and exposed his nicely curved butt.

“That’s a worthy seat for a lusty cock of any red-blooded man,” Ray said, fondling Jody’s bare buns. The cockring was in his hand and Jody coudn’t take his eyes away from Ray’s hefty cock. Supported by the massive shaft, its shiny-skinned head had turned dark purple and extremely bloated, while the thick shaft supported a network of bulging veins that pumped blood into the agitated monster.

Jody saw that the cockring was much too tight for Ray, but the tightness secured that the ring didn’t slip out and held his erection solid and rock-hard.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Jody hardly noticed when Ray pulled off his T-Shirt. The sight of Ray’s distended cock was so fantastic that Jody kneeled in front of him to worship the Bull of Beirut in its full glory. The Golden Cockring decorated with some semi-precious stones only increased its grandiose charm and with deep fascination, Jody started to devour Ray’s glistening cock.

Ray drew air through his clenched teeth sharply when the bloated head of his turgid cock glided deep in Jody’s ravenous mouth. Ray began to fuck Jody’s face cautiously, but it was soon obvious that he couldn’t do that without shooting his load and he pulled his cock out. Grabbing Jody in his arms, Ray opened his butthole.


Jody whined like a puppy when Ray’s massive cock glided inside him. The initial pain soon subsided and insatiable lust filled every bone in his body. Somehow Ray filled his world in a way he hadn’t experienced before and Jody milked his divine cock with incredible gusto.

The gym disappeared and all he could see was Ray, who pumped his guts with a cock so huge that Jody felt its pulse in every nerve of his twitching body. The climax was staggering as a stunning orgasm tore through their bodies simultaneously in exhausting search of bliss.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

When he recovered and was able to observe again, Jody notice that some boys were in the arms of several men.

“After initiation, the Khalife boys are legal pray for all men in the family. The boys are allowed to fuck with anybody they choose because our aim is keeping their holes ready for a valuable load when necessary,” Ray said and Jody’s eyes widened when he saw how big fingers moulded a boy’s sphincter until a  big cock could be shoved in and the tight chute with filled with a mature man’s massive organ.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

Jody suspected that protection of family fortune was just a pretext for their men-only Saturdays.

The Khalife men truly enjoyed fucking their sons, brothers, and nephews, and enlarging the tight chutes was an excuse for burying their virile cocks in the rosy butts of their offspring. It was part of the family tradition and every man was proud to keep it alive. They enjoyed nudity among their equally nude peers and easy camaraderie of the virile men.

They made fun of each other, but a brother in need of relief could always count on his peers. The meeting of two Khalife men always included a certain amount of sexual excitement, too.


Julius, Handjobs Magazine, Toon, Graphic, Gay, Sex, Cockring, Twins

The lasting bonds were made early. The Khalife boys were free to choose their partners after initiation and began living free of restrictions.

“See how nicely they play together,” Ray said, and chuckled while looking at his son fiercely fucking his buddy. The man wrapped his strong arms around the hefty shoulders of his chum as they gazed at the fucking boys and Jody noticed their massive erect cocks.

“You may think that we are simply gay, but let me show you that the ceremony serves a real purpose,” Ray murmured.




The last and final installment of the story is up next, where the Hardon Twins will finally solve the mystery of the Golden Cockring and give the Khalife family back their long-held tradition.


Stay tuned! It’s gonna be good.




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