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Pénis, Je t’aime

A quick meditation on finding your penis beautiful.


I’m on the road again this week, so just a short post today, based on a tumblr post that’s been haunting me for a week. The account Temple of Sacred Phallus got deactivated (by choice or by the tumblr morality police, we’ll never know), but their content lives on. There’s no knowing when it might disappear though, and I wanted to preserve this thought on the beauty of Penis; both the idea of capital-p PENIS, and the physical aesthetic qualities of the male genitals.


I don’t want to link to the remaining post because it’s now just a vacuum for a spam link. But I saved it as written by ToSP and included the image:



Penis, Erection, Boner, Cockring, Phallus, Worship, Glans, Beautiful, Glory, Phallic


What a breath-taking view of the ever proud and pretty penis. I say pretty because it really is a very pretty piece of flesh. I know most men don’t want to think of their penis as pretty but seeing it that ways makes the whole experience of enjoying your cock that much more rewarding.

It makes me feel special that I was born with a PENIS–and it really is a very artistic organ. Especially with a nice, tight, shaved, full, ball sack being balanced on the other end with a swollen, shiny, pink-frosted, bulbous, cock-head. So, boys? Treat that penis with the special honor and attention its deserves. It’s o.k. to find your manhood pretty. In fact, it might just really turn you on to pamper it that way—I know it does for me!!



Men: you should find your path to viewing your dong  as beautiful. It does not define you, but it does factor in to who you are and how you operate in our world. And it will turn you on to learn to see your own Penis as attractive and desirable.




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