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Friday Traffic Jam Distraction: A Big Dad Penis!

I haven’t driven in years, but I sure do miss this part of it.


Just a quickie today on a Friday afternoon to share this excellent video of a sexy sunglasses dad stuck in traffic with just his big dong to keep him occupied.  If you’ve got a commute of your own to cope with, may this bring some brightness into any moments you spend motionless behind drivers who don’t know what on earth they’re doing.

I don’t know who this guy is, and the source for this video has been deleted. But if you recognize this dude, let me know. I’d like to be buds. Thank goodness DILFs Help Build Strong Boners (or HotDadsBigCocks) managed to preserve this guy’s penis for posterity.

You guys are amazing and rightly pointed out that this was the ever-famous Sean Lawless and his massive white dong. And that I can’t call him a ‘dad’ properly, since he’s actually younger than I am ?.

I’ve updated this post to include the PornHub version of this video, hosted on his verified account. You should totally follow him there, as I promise you’ll be impressed with his other offerings.


Here’s 5 things to watch out for:


  • This guy’s penis is AWESOME. Watch how hard he stays the whole time, and how beautifully formed his wang is. That big mushroom head has me bonered just thinking about it.



  • Note how he just lets it spray where it lays. That’s how kings jack right there. If you have time to think about where your nutt is gonna land, you’re not in it all the way.


  • I love that he has a secondary camera angle! Who is this guy!? It’s like Carpool Karaoke up in here!


  • “Whoooo! Oh… yeah.  Oh. Green light!”



I have jacked to this video a lot this week and I think you should to. This guy’s enthusiasm and his big beautiful penis make it almost impossible for me not to. And while you’re masturbating along with, think about how you show off whatever it is you got. Are you like this dude, and smiling and happy about the awesome stuff you’re doing?


Cause ya should be.


Follow Sean Lawless on Twitter: @sean_lawlessxxx. You can also (and totally should) subscribe to his OnlyFans account, or get individual videos and scenes from his Clips4Sale account. This bro knows how to show off and he looks fantastic doing it.

Support guys like this and #PayForYourPorn.






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