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Majestic and Contemplative Anthro Art by Anhes

Furry Shit, ahoy! You’ve been warned.


I get a few emails a year asking me some question along the lines of “why do you post so much Furry shit?” I just got one this week complaining that my attention to Furry art and the folks who spend their time creating it was dragging down the rest of the things I post here. I don’t usually respond to those emails because this is my blog and I’ll post what I want and neener-neener-neeeener. If you don’t like it, don’t click it.

But truthfully, I don’t have a good answer about why I’m attracted to this particular world. Part of it is that it is almost always very joyful and exciting.  These creatures, especially in the antrho subgenre, are very often excited to be what they are and unaware of any shame or fear they ought to carry about their sex and nudity; it’s an appealing blending of human cognizance with animal unselfconsciousness.

Another part of it is that I think more attention should be paid to the creators of this work and the energy and talent required to produce it. In our internet age, and especially in the realm of adult entertainment, everything has a tendency to seem fast and disposable. You make something and post it and then it gets tossed around, cropped, changed, repurposed, and ruined.

The illustrations we talk about on this blog often take hours (sometimes days or weeks) to flesh out, and – like any life-inspired art – require modeling and an understanding of anatomy. When you add in the complications of combining human and non-human features into a single, recognizable, and enticing form, it’s a wonder that anybody manages to make anything at all. The first time I got tripped up trying to draw a human/donkey jawline, I would just quit and do something else.

So I think it’s worth examining these works, even if you aren’t boned up by the idea of a hyena self-sucking, or a shark jacking his uncircumcised dick on a sunny beach.

Today I came across the work of Anhes, about whom (like so many of the artists we talk about here) I know very little. I know he’s an Argentinian dude, and that he’s self-taught (!). But that’s about it. And that kinda sucks. Because the stuff that he’s cranking out is fucking glorious:


Anhes, Anthro, Furry, Ram, Gay, Muscle, Sexy, Illustration, Art, Cartoon


Anhes, Anthro, Furry, Ram, Gay, Muscle, Sexy, Illustration, Art, CartoonI think when people envision Furry art in their heads, they picture loosely drawn illustrations of two cartoon dogs humping or something. And that idea reassures them that they’re not into it and that it’s low brow. But Anhes’ rendering of that ram up there is fucking staggering when you really look at it. Even if you ignore the anatomical accuracy of the body itself, and structuring of muscles and muscle groups extending back into space as the figure rotates his upper body slightly toward the viewer, the sheer detail of the hair patterns involved in this creation should blow your whole mind.

The way the hair grows in different directions – as it would on an actual ram – and is disrupted and impacted by the shifting stance of the figure, and by the taut fabric of the jock around the muscular buttocks, shows an attention to specific detail that elevates this far beyond cartoon dogs humping. This is upper-level art ability.

And we haven’t yet factored in the idea that THIS THING DOESN’T EVEN GODDAMNED EXIST. This beast isn’t real. Anhes can’t draw this from a Ram-Man in a jockstrap who has time to spend modeling for him on the weekends. He is created, whole cloth, and then rendered according to rules of physics and physiology, allowing him to be recognizably sexual and exciting. Even with hooves.

Looking at this ram, it’s impossible not to be reminded of the contrapposto stances of Kira Od’s hybrid sculptures.

Anhes has an ability, too, to capture and convey an emotional quality in the facial expressions of his works. It doesn’t seem to be part of every piece, but when it occurs, it adds dimension most illustrators would die for.

Anhes, Anthro, Furry, Dog, Gay, Muscle, Sexy, Illustration, Art, CartoonWe’ve talked about building narrative with emotional display in the work of artists like Bruno, where the surprise, shock, and confusion of a new sexual experience is shared by characters without words defining it. Anhes is similarly able to convey story in single illustrations with skillful renderings of facial emotion. And – I feel like I can’t say this enough – it’s recognizable facial emotion on creatures that don’t exist. Animal/human hybrids that express ultra-human emotion across features that are ultra-animalistic. That’s incredible.

Anhes, Anthro, Furry, Rhino, Uncircumcised, Foreskin, Gay, Muscle, Sexy, Illustration, Art, CartoonTheir human features are rendered with just as much care and thought as their animal faces. The heft of their genitals, and the change in skin tension of a fully aroused penis is conveyed with accuracy and precision; foreskin hangs limply over a rhino’s flaccid cock outfitted with anatomically-specific dorsal veins. Bodies are rendered with fat and flaws and folds and creases and imperfections that allow them to seem nearly photo-real.

I’m probably not as well versed in the sources of some of these characters as I ought to be, and Anhes definitely draws a lot of inspiration from mainstream antrho art (Zootopia, Lion King, Et. al.), but even without knowing who that dog is, or why it’s wearing an earring, look how much is happening across that face! Look at the placement of the hands of the receiving dog(?), and the rendering of that overflow cum. There is so much detail in the highlight and shadow of that jizz that it almost looks like a photograph superimposed onto a drawing of dog dick.

It is in this minutiae that the real abilities of artists like Anhes flow forth. And it is marvelous.


Below is a gallery of some of my favorite works by Anhes, sourced from Rule 34, Deviant Art, and Fur Affinity. I’ve done my best to choose only work that includes a watermark/source, because I know that things disappear into the ether once they are posted here, and I want this guy to get the attention he is owed.

Pls to enjoy:



Majestic and Contemplative Anthro Art by Anhes




As with anything on Badwolf/Blog, I hope this art finds its way to eyes that wouldn’t otherwise come across it. I’ve written and collected these pieces without the permission of the artist, but if you’re him and you read this and want the post changed/removed, all you have to do is shout. I’m glad to accommodate.




Find More Anhes:

Rule34: /anhes

Patreon: /anhes

FurAffinity: /anhes

DeviantArt: @anhesart



  • Zeno Dionysos Paradox
    Posted at 19:51h, 04 August

    This is cool. It is very detailed artwork. Likely the most detailed I have seen so far.

  • Anon Dragon
    Posted at 18:59h, 09 October

    In terms of a cultural/anthopological point of view this is a rather interesting phenomenon.

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