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Men Piss In the Sink Because It’s Cool

Yes, All Men.


This post started as a discussion I was having with a friend who was peeing in the sink at his house while on the phone with me, but truthfully, it’s one I’ve had lots of times over the years. The divide between who thinks it’s cool/fine/acceptable to pee in the sink and who is utterly revolted and shocked that anyone would do such a thing, tends to be exclusively down the male/female line. So, all the guys I’ve ever mentioned this to say something like “oh, yeah. I do/have done that.” And all (!) of the women make a face or have 5-10 followup questions about why.

It’s weird! Try it with your friends.


Pissing in the sink, however you feel about it, is super fucking common, though. The sink in my apartment actually sort of looks like a fancy urinal and is exactly the height required for me to step up, flop out, and let go. It’s like they made it specifically FOR me to pee in. I love it.


As part of their very successful content marketing ploy, Dollar Shave Club posts random articles about typically male-oriented things, and covered this very subject in July of last year. They came up with five reasons men piss in the sink (really about 2.5, if we’re being honest), including it’s quieter (that’s true), it saves water (probably true but not so high up my own list), and it’s easier when you’re boned up (I don’t follow this one, because I can’t pee through an erection, and also because mine points up – making the sink an even less suitable place to try and spray it out). But their conclusion, featuring a tweet by @tomcoates, really summed up the truth of sink pees:


Piss in the sink, Men piss, Sink Piss, Tom Coates, @tomcoats, Dollar Shave Club


Whatever reason you make up for yourself, it’s fun and you should do it.


Our hero for this post is notorious and amazing masturbator Lou Sapphire, who – in this video – gets comfy, pisses in a public bathroom sink, and then bangs out a fast load while making sustained and lusty eye contact with the camera. It’s great and always gets me boned:




This next video isn’t super-relevant to pissing in the sink, but this kid is such a horny little monkey and the audio is so good (and we know I love me some good watersports stuff), I figured I’d stick it in here anyway:



The lesson here: it’s fun to piss in the sink, and you should do it whenever possible. Or, if you don’t have a penis, accept that people are probably definitely peeing in your sink.





  • Ace
    Posted at 13:35h, 27 October

    I’ll come out and say it: I’m perfectly fine to piss anywhere there is a drain or space. Sick, tub, shower in the gym, behind a tree, whatever. As long as no one sees it (who doesn’t want to see it, anyway) I’m fine. I’m not seeking it out and if the toilet is the most convenient then the toilet gets it all, but if I have to switch it up I will.

    Also I’ve had living situations where a roommate will be taking up the bathroom and I have to piss and run for the bus so the sink is just expedient. 😉

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 16:29h, 05 November

      I think my point in all this is that is how almost all men are. Even the ones who deny it. And Idk what the big deal really is about that, ya know?

      Like they say in Frozen: “Let it flow.”

      Maybe. I don’t know what they say. I haven’t seen that.


  • Paul
    Posted at 13:58h, 27 October

    Interesting about the male/female divide about whether it’s acceptable … I think that men, especially men who enjoy sex with other men, are more at ease with their bodies and bodily functions than women and purely straight men. That is my experience from conversations, anyway.

    Many years ago on a business trip in Poland, I was staying in a hotel in Warsaw. I’d been out for dinner and had another bottle of wine in my room while I got naked and was stroking to porn … suddenly I was desperate to pee and went into the beautiful tiled bathroom. I couldn’t bend forward to direct my erect cock into the lavatory but I really needed to piss. I stood up, arched backwards so my hard cock stood up and I fondled my balls as I watched myself in the mirror and then a powerful stream of piss jetted out in an arc from the tip of my cock all over the floor …

    The sensation was pleasurable because my bladder had been full … but it also felt erotic, similar to the lack of inhibition and total nakedness that one experiences during an orgasm.

    I was slightly drunk but immensely turned on … I went back to my room, switched off the TV so as not to be distracted by porn and began really getting into my cock, edging for half the night.

    When I eventually came, it was one of the most intense orgasms I had had at that time … that was 25 years ago and I remember it well 🙂

  • H. NOIR
    Posted at 16:52h, 04 November

    Hey Tyler, I would love to see you do a Hot post on Pre-Cum one day. Personally, I LOVE Pre-Cum and Heavy Pre-Cummers, especially guys who produce A LOT and taste their own. My Dreamguy’s Cock would be an infinite tap of Pre-Cum and Spunk. For me Pre-Cum isn’t a fetish, it’s a PASSION. I think that would be a Sticky and Sweet topic to explore, with video examples included for good measure. Also, a post (and possible interview) about the Ultimate Daddy William HairyArtist would be pretty hot too. That man is a Bate National Treasure!

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