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Story Time: “The Jock and the Janitor” by Anonamous

Men from different worlds finding comfort in one another is always my jam.


Handjobs Magazine is truly the gift that keeps on giving forever. One day I suppose we’ll run out of things to find and examine in those pages. But not today!

The Jock and the Janitor first appeared in the July 2003 issue of Handjobs, and is one of the rare stories from that magazine attributed to an anonymous author. It features lovingly rendered pencil and charcoal illustrations by Craig Esposito, but it is doubtful that he authored the accompanying story, as his drawings don’t seem directly related to any of the action described. Though it is tempting to credit him, since his drawings accompany anonymous stories on more than one occasion.

Regardless of the source, though, The Jock and the Janitor is precisely the sort of thing I enjoy in a story like this; a young man who has a fixation on dad-types and goes out of his way to find a connection with the burly janitor he knows is checking out the goods on the college tennis team.

Zack Morris, 80s, Hairstyle

There is something very inherently 80s about the idea of a “college tennis team” to me, and it was difficult not to imagine everyone having thick white socks and tennis shoes, Zack Morris-style blond blow wave hairstyles, and sweaters tied around their necks.

But the connection that the two protagonists find with one another is organic and joyful (I know I talk about that so much here, but I really believe it to be in direct proportion to how much joyless sex I see elsewhere); they are sincere in their desire for each other and both men want to give and receive pleasure: “Fuck, Champ! Those lips … so hot! After we screw … I’ll give you the best head you ever had.”

It’s all so loving an egalitarian that you leave hoping they stay connected forever.




The Jock and the Janitor

Written by Anonymous and illustrated by Craig Esposito [Handjobs Magazine | July 2003]


I had a special summer session with my tennis team. We were loosing our asses in competition, and to stay on the team we had to live in a dorm and play tennis constantly. We were on the old campus, with community showers, but I wasn’t turned on by all that hunky young meat. My taste had already been formed for aged beef.

I was showering with my teammates, when I noticed the dorm janitor. He was a beefy older guy with gray streaked reddish brown hair and glasses. I noticed him checking out the dudes equipment when he thought no one was looking. I knew that this had distinct possibilities. I figured that if the guy liked to look, he might like to play, so I laid out a plan of action.

I found out his work schedule and tried to be around to say hi to him as much as possible. Pretty soon, we were on first name basis. Then one day, I had a happy accident: I took a bad fall going for a far lob. Coach sent me back to the dorm to get showered and rest my sore muscles.

I was headed back to my room when I saw Boyd the janitor in the hall changing light bulbs. I figured now was the time; we would be alone in the dorms for a couple of hours. I asked him if he would mind helping me in and out of the shower, since I was still a little shaky from my spill. He followed me to my room while I stripped and grabbed a towel, I had a pretty mean scrape on my leg, so I asked him if I could lean on him on the way to the shower. He put a big furry arm around me and we headed down the hall.

He ran the water for me, and I got under it and lathered up. I caught him checking me out in the mirror.

After the shower he helped me back to my room. Boyd asked if I was sore all over and I said, “yes.” He said I probably needed a massage and told me to lie on the bed and take the towel off so it wouldn’t get the bed wet. He grabbed some Intensive Care, and started slathering it on me. I was totally enjoying his sensual massage. I was really into his rough hands running over my body. I was on the rise. I had to raise my hips and adjust my boner. Boyd immediately knew something was “up”.

“Getting to ya, kid?” he whispered in my ear.

“Yeah, I’m kinda embarrassed, springing a boner now.”

“Hey, it’s natural, and it’s just us guys. Roll over and I’ll do the front
side. Whew, I guess you are enjoying yourself! What a boner! Kid, tell you what. Since it’s just us guys, why don’t you beat off a load so you can calm down?”

“Think it’s OK?”

“Yeah. I’ll keep up the massage. Just get into getting off. Can’t have blue balls on top of your injury.”

He kept massaging my body while I started caressing my meat. I could hear his heavy breathing, and I gave into the experience of being petted by a big hunky daddy as I slowly stroked my dick. I was really getting into it.

“Come on, kid … Shoot that load just for me. I wanna see you get those nuts in an uproar. Milk out that boy cream for the old man. Yeah, stroke it faster … Keep it up, boy. I wanna see that hose spurt all over your body … Good boy, do what daddy says! Oh, Champ, you look so hot with your rod in your mitt!”

“Uh!” I groaned and let fly with a load that drenched my stomach and chest. I fell back limp and let him rub that hot load all over my body.

“Damn, that was a load buddy. You must have been saving up for a while. We’ll have to go get you another shower!”

We did. We also talked for a while. He happened to be fifty-two, and I was two years younger than his son. He asked if he could watch me jerk off once in a while and I agreed. That started a fun time for us both.

After a while, I began to think it was strange that even though he loved to watch me jerk off, he never took off his clothes or played with his ample bulge. But he was a nice guy, and I sort of got off on the attention. He would tell me what to wear (or not wear) when he picked me up – and brother, he knew exactly what he want to see me do once I was stripped. He often just held my nude body against his fully clothed body, calling me “Champ”.

I had never told him I was more experienced with men than he might have thought. I thought a lot about seeing if I could at least get him out of his clothes and actually see what he looked like nude. His crotch really bulged when I was showing off for him. When I finally asked him about it, I found out that he was a little scared of taking off his clothes and getting too intimate with a kid less than half his age.

Boyd’s birthday came along and I devised a plan. I called him one day and said I had a present for him. Since he had the day off, he agreed to pick me up at 9:00 AM.

We snuck up into the attic of one of the campus office buildings that was closed that day, and there I gave him his present. It was four dog collars and a roll of Polaroid film (I had the camera in my gym bag).

He looked a bit puzzled.

“Well,” I explained, “we don’t get to spend that much time together. It’s always sort of ‘jack-and-run’. I usually get myself off too quickly, so the collars are for you to tie me down and watch me as long as you want. Play with my dick to keep me interested, but don’t let me cum. And you can take some photos of me for the times when we can’t be together and you need a reminder … but it’s a requirement that you undress this time.”

“Whew, that’s wild. How long can you stay?”

“I’ve got all day, but once I shoot, you have to untie me and take me home,” I said with a twinkle in my eye.

“Kid you’ve got too many clothes on!”

I was soon spread eagle on the floor. My dick was so hard it hurt as I watched him peel out of his clothes. He had what looked like nine inches of big, fat hooded meat with two of the fuzziest balls, and a stocky, fur kissed body that wouldn’t quit. He stretched. He was doing a little showing off himself. He lowered his body on top of mine. I could feel that hot dick digging into me. He started kissing me, and I kissed back. He then started licking every square inch of my body. When he lowered his mouth to my prick, I went out of my senses with pleasure. He was giving my rod a real workout, and between gulps he told me I picked great presents. Then he started to slowly jerk me. I’ve always been a leaker, and he was loving playing in all that goo!

“Boyd, I’m too close … you’ve got me so horny, I can’t stand much more … ease up … I might blow too soon!”

“What do you suggest?”

The Jock and the Janitor, Handjobs Magazine, Craig Esposito, Gay Sex“Lean over me … face my feet … then let’s see how much of that big piece will go down my throat.”
He got in position and rubbed his piece all over my face. He wasn’t much dryer than I was, and I could feel his precum sticking all over my face. He then lowered that plump, skin covered head into my mouth. I raised my head up and gulped as much as I could. When he saw how horny I was he really fed me his dick. He started breathing heavy and then pulled out with a loud plop. I then felt his furry balls kiss my lips.

I was just getting into batting those melons, when he changed posi-tion and his ass hit my mouth. He spun around to face me and got up on his knees, straddling my chest. I looked up at my playmate as he beat his rod. He leaned forward and eased it into my mouth saying, “Take it, Champ. I want your mouth on my meat when I shoot. Here it comes!”

He fired into my mouth – and I fired all over his back.

“Well, Kid I guess I have to untie you now,” he said, sounding kind of disappointed.

“I lied,” I said. “We’ll go for two.”

“Good idea. We forgot to take any pictures.”

After that day, Boyd got a real kick out of having me wear those collars on my wrists and ankles when we played. He said it was like his birthday all over again.

I had gotten him out of his clothes, and had gotten him interested in more than just watching me jerk off, but after I saw the big piece of meat swinging between his legs, I knew I needed to get him to put it up my ass. And it wasn’t long before that happened.

A few days later, my phone started ringing at 3:00 AM. I pulled myself up and grabbed the receiver. “Hello ….”

“Hi. Is that you, Champ?”

“Yeah, but … it’s real late. What’s up?”

“Hey, I hear that your roomie is out of town for a couple of days. I figured we could get a little action at your place … early action! Get those dog collars and put them on your wrists and ankles, crawl under the covers nice and naked for me and go back to sleep until I get over there. Leave the door unlocked.”

“Sure, Boss Man!”

I was sleeping soundly when Boyd got there. He pulled my covers off as I slowly woke up. He usually like to 69, so it surprised me when he rolled me over on my belly and secured my arms and legs to the bedposts. I felt his weight hit the bed, and then I felt that hot rod of his lying between my cheeks like a hot dog in a bun. He started licking and sucking my neck.

“Ya know, Champ, there’s something we haven’t tried yet. I want to stick my rod up your ass. It might take us a while to find the right fit. You know I won’t hurt you, but my dick is going up your chute one way or another, got it?”

Yeah, I got it all right. What he didn’t know was that I had been dying for him to plug me. He was such a nice guy, and up to now, had been shy as hell about talking about what we were doing.

He whispered in my ear, “You’re going to have to really relax, but it’s going in my favorite way – ‘spit and determination’.” Then he moved down and started lubing my hole with his tongue. I felt the tips of his fingers teasing my ring, giving it a real massage. My cock was leaking and I was moaning as his fingers started to move in and out of my hole.

“That’s one cute rosebud, Champ. When I look at the size of my dick head, I worry that it won’t fit. Let’s get started. Lube my dick so the rubber won’t cut off my circulation.”

He threw a couple pillows under my chest. He presented his dick to me, grabbed my head, and pulled my lips down his pole, gasping,

“Fuck, Champ! Those lips … so hot! After we screw … I’ll give you the best head you ever had. Aw, fuck! So nice … Wet me up all over. Let’s get to it. I got to get up your ass now!”

He got into that rubber and his tongue went back to work on my hole. I shot into outer space.

“I got to do it now. This hole is really steaming … almost begging for it,” he moaned. He got between my legs, leaning on one arm so that his other hand could work his dick. He started rubbing the fat head around on my ass ring, and from his moaning I knew he was enjoying himself. He finally got the head inside me by throwing both hands on the bed for balance and using his legs to power his pole deeper and deeper. He grabbed my hips, thrust deep and the rest is history.

“Oh … fuck! You’re opening so nice … this is how you should always get me off!”

He stretched out full length on top of my body, making just mini moves with his dick.


“Now we got it inside, it stays. Let’s say I fuck out just a little of the juice off the top. Hell, even if I shoot it all, you’re so tight and hot, I can keep it inside for hours. I really want you to get used to it, because when I fuck you, I’ll ride you like a bronco.”

We did end up screwing for hours. I don’t know when he found the time to put on a cockring, but he did and it gave him amazing staying power. I came three times during that one screw.

Before he left (much later), he wanted me to have more control. So he lay on his back and had me sit on it. That was a better position for me. I pulled a few tricks riding him that made him so happy that I thought he was going to cry. He shot so much on that ride, it felt like it was going to shoot out the top of my head.

The next time we screwed he sat on a chair and lowered me down on his fat cock facing him. He had a field day with that position. We both did. I loved the way it made me feel like a little boy sitting on my daddy’s lap, and I think that was what got Boyd so hot as well. I could bounce around on his cock for hours in that position before he finally pumped out enough jizz to make his cock go limp.

There were still a few weeks of tennis camp left that summer, but after I had finally gotten Boyd’s cock up my ass, the only balls I was interested in were his. I spent the rest of the summer riding his pole in every possible position.




Romantic af.



  • Brock Brown
    Posted at 16:44h, 16 July Reply

    Hot as fuck.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 18:30h, 16 July Reply

      Hey Brock! So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!


  • James
    Posted at 10:37h, 25 July Reply

    Agreed. Miss Handjobs.

    • tylerthebadwolf
      Posted at 11:36h, 25 July Reply

      I actually may have some good news on this front. But shhh. I’m waiting on a reply to an email.


  • Leo Parker
    Posted at 05:54h, 30 July Reply

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