Stupid / 22.02.2018

Oh, WikiHow. Is there anything you don't know how to WikiDo?   If you don't own an actual jockstrap (what? Why not?), then Wikihow – that infallible guide to the universe that previously brought us How to Wash Your Penis, amongst many other wonderful bits of advice – has some tips on...

Narcissism, Stupid / 31.12.2017

I know it's a cheat post, but I miss you guys.   Can you believe we made it through all of December without any commentary on guys not connecting during Penis Time, or why Assturbation is just as important as the front stuff? I can. But that's because I live here. And I've...

Stupid / 01.06.2017

Because, hey! Why the fuck not!   Oh, blessed google alerts. You bring so much into my world. Just this week, for instance:   Tai Chi 'master' pulls helicopter along with only his penis, breaking 'world record'   OH! Lots to unpack there. Both "master" and " world record" in scare quotes. But "helicopter" and "penis"...

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