Stuff I ❤ / 29.09.2016

We'll just keep all of these #thongthursday ass pics right here, yeah? If they're all in one post, you can just check here each week to see my same butt in different thongs. Because thongs are fuckkin cool, damnit. And I won't hear anything to the contrary. I'll pile new ones...

Stuff I ❤ / 28.09.2016

Oh, you talented, motion graphics perverts. I know Americium is a radioactive element. Don't write and tell me about that.Doing some research for a thing I'm writing about bate culture and some of the vocabulary and ideals that come with, I stumbled across this short, but worthwhile vignette about Captain America...

Stuff I ❤ / 29.08.2016

   It's Monday. Let's learn something about each other. I'm old enough to have been a big big fan of Live Journal when that platform was in its heyday, and one of the things my friends and I used to do was send random question interviews to each other and then repost...

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